Millennials are often mislabeled, especially in the workplace. This outlines the type of people Millennials actually are and how they perform in their careers.

Who is a Millennial?

This question is one that has been answered incorrectly in articles all over the web. Millennials are classified by researchers as anyone born from the 80’s to the 90’s. Let us not forget that the actual wide-spread rise of the personal cellphone didn’t occur until the late 90’s and the first iPhone did not reach consumers until 2007, meaning that most Millennials spent a large chunk of their childhood phone-less (or at least with a Nokia or Motorola phone only used for calling and occasional texting).

Somehow, many researchers have seem to mistaken this details and are quick to say that Millennials do not know what it was like before cellphones/smartphones when many actually do. Millennials had Myspace and silly computers games but no doubt played in trees as long as they could before dinner time. Nonetheless, they receive a bad rep for being “entitled” and “self-obsessed” in the workplace due to apparent assumptions of technology spoiling them and giving everything to them at an immediate rate. These young professionals find themselves in dark corners of their offices trying to prove their worthy to employers who have already written them off. Multiple struggles have been expressed by this group, and some even coffee can’t fix.

Here’s the hard truth about this generation: they are not who you think they are. In fact, they’re better.

In the office

Like mentioned above, Millennials dive head first into their first day at the office only to be disappointed by a reputation they had nothing to do with creating. This means they have to work twice as hard just to be seen as an equal, and three times as hard to be seen as outstanding.

Many Millennials worked multiple jobs throughout college and hustled to find a full-time job with their own connections and, while coworkers assume they are lazy, are way more likely to work after hours to get the job done. Millennials have a strong “go out and get it”attitude when it comes to success and entrepreneurship runs rampant in their dream-chasing veins.

In fact, according to the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, Millennials have founded about twice as many companies as Baby Boomers have and together are worth over $17 billon. They are also strong leaders (maybe many of them experience bad leadership in their part-time jobs) - managing staffs of about 122 people, compared to boomers’ average of 30 people. As a final statistic, in case the previous two weren’t enough to make you run out and hire a bunch of these guys, Millennials shoot for the stars with their future goals. Almost 75% of these company starters expected their profits to increase in the coming year, compared to Baby Boomers 42%.

So why hire them?

Aside from all of these statistics, Millennials are more likely to consider philanthropic and social contributions early in their careers while past company leaders usually hit that target later in their success.

Millennials are attached to their cellphones, maybe. But have you ever considered that maybe they’re building their personal and professional brands via social media, checking emails when they aren’t in laptop reach, multi-tasking or networking? They can figure out why your iPhone stopped ringing, how to better promote an event through multiple media and they can do an incredible job with responsibilities if you give them a chance. So hire a few with rockin’ resumes, you won’t regret it.

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