The second of the presidential debates was held on Sunday evening and while some people may have been keeping up with the Kardashians, most were not. In fact, an estimated 66.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the showdown between Mr. Donald J. Trump andHillary Clinton. With so many viewers, you’d think that the candidates would’ve effectively utilized their undivided attention to share their visions for a greater America.Instead, the candidates continued to slander their opponents; causing viewers to simply judge them on their ability to navigate the insults in a somewhat professional manner.

In the heat of the debate, Mr. Trump snidely informed viewers that if he were president Senator Clinton would already be imprisoned for her crimes. To take things even further, he mentioned that he intends to do just that when (if) he becomes POTUS. Little does Mr. Trump know, half of Washington will be there with her. Perhaps he will be too, as the American people have yet to lay their eyes on his elusive tax returns. What exactly is he hiding?Stepping over to the other side, Senator Clinton seemed to stay somewhat collected as she was being threatened. I can’t help but notice that she continues to elude invasive questions about her mysteriously missing emails. She often brushes them off with a quick apology stating that she unknowingly made a mistake.

What did the American people gain from the debate and who is the winner?

With a debate so dramatic in nature, it is tough to tell if any headway was made. However, many of the post-debate polls report that Clinton has gained a small lead. Perhaps many Americans are starting to be put off by Mr. Trump's inability to keep his composure when he is under stress.While many Americans are talking about the despicable actions and words that were said by both candidates, most are talking about one audience member in particular, Ken Bone.

Ken is a 34-year-old coal plant operator who asked the candidates about their energy policies. He questioned whether or not their proposed plans will be environmentally friendly.Ken seems to have become an overnight sensation whose red sweater has inspired Halloween costumes and has enchanted viewers with his ability to spark concern over the overlooked concerns regarding renewable energy.

With the mindless bickering between candidates, it's possible that perhaps Ken was the winner of the debate, as most of American just cannot stop talking about him.

The losers of the Presidential Debate

With no clear winner, it’s certainly safe to suggest that the losers were ultimately the American people. It is probable that most of the American public is fed up with the personal attacks and would like to see a side of both candidates that is somewhat functional. We yearn to know how each candidate will help our country in these pressing times. Students with education are drowning in debt, small businesses are struggling to make ends meet and pay taxes, the wealthy are utilizing more tax loopholes than the general public even knew existed, and our troops are deploying to countries whose fates are yet to be determined.

I speak for many when I say that we are over this election and fear for the unknown that has yet to rear its ugly head.

Upcoming debates

What will we see in the third presidential debate? No one can be sure; however, we do know that it will take place at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas at 9 P.M. on Wednesday, October 19, 2016. With only two debates remaining before election day, we hope you tune in, especially if you’re an undecided voter.

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