Yesterday's 2016 Presidential Debate has showcased to the world one of the final showdowns between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hilary Clinton before the November election, and here is a run-down on what people are saying.

What people are saying about Trump?

A general comment about Trump that seems to sum up a lot of the comments made against him is that he seems more willing to appeal to the base than to expand borders. In other words, he seems only concerned with appealing to other Republicans, who are already on his side, than with other voters, such as the undecided. To some extent, that is not entirely without reason; at face value, it's like the Aesop fable of the dog and its reflection, he probably has nothing to gain from Democratic voters and he'd just look two-faced by going against his party.

That said, things are a bit more complicated than that.

For example, in one of the debate questions, Trump responded to a question concerning Islamophobia saying that "we have to be sure that Muslims come in and report when they see something going on." This type of response comes off as far too general, saying that all Muslim organizations are to be treated as a threat, even though the wording does not exactly make that point, since it asks for the participation of Muslim people.

What people are saying about Clinton?

For her part, Clinton seems to have kept her head in the debate.

For the most part, she seemed able to turn criticisms about her into something positive. When asked about the ethics of politicians having a public and a private opinion on certain issues. Clinton took to using Abraham Lincoln as an example, claiming him using a balanced view on a controversial issue, in this case slavery, to end it and accomplish his goal on the subject, calling it some "great display of presidential leadership."

Of course, even that was used as a point of criticism, with Trump firing back that she is only covering herself, having lied in the past, and comparing her to a man known as "Honest Abe" did not make much sense.

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This was probably meant to come off as keeping things concealed when appropriate and lying to the American people are not the same thing, but in the end a lot of the comments just came off as fire-based attacks.

What is the current verdict?

According to a recent CNN poll, however, things are not as simple as one candidate defeating the other at the debate. Clinton is in the lead at 47%, but Trump is still at 42%, and the two alternatives are barely crossing the 10% line-up. In the end, people will probably just vote for whoever they wanted at the start of all this and be done with it. But who knows, anything can happen in a month, after all. #2016 Presidential Debates