Presidential Prime Time

#Donald Trump made an absolutely amazing statement during last night’s debate concerning the issue of law and order; basically, that he was all for it! This statement comes from the king of white-collar crime, himself, and to me, this level of outrageous affrontage has been the tone of the whole Hillary/Trump debacle for the White House. I refuse to refer to it as a debate or a Presidential run for the highest office on the planet.  This is a situation where one candidate is, clearly, morally qualified to be an inmate at Sing-Sing and the other candidate allows herself to dragged into situations where she has to prove herself personally and professionally against the verbal barbs of a hypocrite.

Mudslinging, Du Jour

Why bother, I say.  Just stick to the issues, which, by the way, manage to get squeezed in during discussions about “personal records.” This situation is very telling of what’s on tap for the next Presidency…and it’s very scary.  Mudslinging has graduated to a whole new level. 

Candidate for the Prison

Donald Trump is a man that really needs to face prosecution for the many, many people he has swindled out of thousands and millions of dollars with his “projects” over the years.  One of Trump’s big busts occurred in 2006 at what was called the “Trump Ocean Resort” in Baja, Mexico.  According to an impartial Trump admirer, Trump lent his name to the company in order to make a profit off of the “promises” of million dollar condos that were being built before the project ever began.

Top Videos of the Day

 At an event in San Diego, Trump raised the funds at the constant applause of overeager buyers and supporters at the event. People were required to cough up 30% of the principle cost in order to secure the property.  Many people paid amounts in the millions.  In 2016, ten years after the fact, Trump took his name off the project and it folded.  For the buyers, there was no property and, of course, no refunds. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, reassured the public that her dad was the head of the project and was involved in every way.  Curiously, one must wonder if his daughter is actually getting a cut of daddy’s funds or is she just one of the many people who work under Trump and are scared to death of him.  Perhaps both?  Who’s to say?

Rise, Hillary…Please?

With all the dirt that, practically, anyone can throw around on Trump, why bother to resort to low-ball bantering with the man and using the pressing political issues of the day to discuss your personal record and smear the guy?  He’s done that to himself, already.  He’s practically a grease stain on Wall Street, even with the shiny, new building, and all.  Hillary is a disappointment, to me, on this level.  She is clearly head and shoulders above the man, politically and has the professionalism…and clout to spank him good.  I am sick to death of hearing about her “personal records.” She doesn’t need to sell anyone on what good she has done politically.  Stooping to Trump’s level to get back at him in a debate is childish and petty.  Yes, maybe she did some unseemly things as the Flotus to smack down her competition outside of the marital chamber, but what red-blooded, American woman wouldn’t make short work of the other women?  They should be glad for continued life, limb and multi-million dollar book deals. 


The Issues Really Do Matter

Hillary has gone way over the top with the great wasting of her valuable breath and energy spanking a beaten man and Trump, overall, is not worth newsworthy.  Unless, of course, you get your butt kicked at one of his political events, would anyone, like myself, care to see who the dummy was that bothered to show up, anyway.  So much for debating the issues when they deal with the country and its needs mixed with hypocritical, vainglorious banter.

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