The second #Presidential debate will further display to the world the total disarray that is now the norm in American politics. Lying, corruption, scandals, and now vulgarity are front and center when security, economy, immigration, and healthcare should be, but have simply been pushed aside. One simply must wonder, has reality television so captured the American television audience that reality and entertainment have become indistinguishable?

#Donald Trump is busy trying to fend off the ramifications brought forward by the mysterious timing of an 11-year-old audio from his time at NBC where he makes horribly vulgar remarks about women.

Trump will surely have to answer questions regarding his comments during the debate. Humble while apologetic will be the best way Trump can answer, but knowing Trump’s track-record he may be unable to help himself in making things worse.

Clinton emails leaked

#Hillary Clinton on the other hand will have her own opportunities to defend her comments in recently hacked emails, where she directly contradicts the things she has been saying throughout the presidential campaign. Clinton also will probably do herself more harm than good by offering some meek explanation of why she tells her supporters’ one thing while telling her donors another.

Truth be told this debate will be more about damage control than the future. Most if not all voters have already made up their mind on who they will vote for, basically picking the lessor of two evils as they see it.

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Trump came into politics as an outsider who thought he could offer solutions to as he says Make America Great Again. Clinton came in as the ultimate insider where politics are concerned, and her intentions vary depending on who she is speaking to at the time.

If politics were a world where scandals, corruption, lying, and pay-for-play did not exist this debate might not even matter to most, but like with reality television where the viewers are waiting for the next big train wreck, the debate has become must-watch television.

Anderson Cooper moderates

Anderson Cooper will have his hands full keeping the candidates focused on his questions tonight. Trump will employ the “rope-a-dope defense” while Clinton goes for the “you’re a woman-hating pig knockout." Trump will try the desperation hay-maker about lying and deleting with a left hook pay-for-play rally in the later rounds. Clinton will just try to survive letting Trump injure himself while she watches and gloats hoping to win what will undoubtably will be a split-decision.

Possibly this will be more like professional wrestling with everything being choreographed. Cooper could however play the role of the spoiler.

Cooper has shown disdain for Trump in the past, so this debate could be a two on one tag-team event making things even harder for Trump. Clinton however may have to fend off some hard questions from Cooper regarding what her positions really are due to the information in those leaked emails this week. Both candidates bring baggage into this debate. Both candidates have a loyal base of followers. Both candidates have egos that they have trouble containing, but Trump in my opinion has the most to lose.

Both candidates lacking?

Clinton has been exposed as a liar countless times while Trump has had a steady diet of foot in mouth moments throughout this campaign. Either political party would have done better public relations-wise with another candidate without the baggage. Now this election along with the future of the United States may well be in the hands of reality television fans, they may be the only ones watching this debate.