After all the events that took place during the first and second presidential debate, with Donald Trump accused of sexually harassing women and the leaked speech made by Clinton, it will not be easy to finally decide on who will win the 2016 presidential election.Clinton's "made up" campaign allegations are uncertain. Trump was said to have accused Hillary Clinton's campaignteam of making up the story that accused him of sexual harassment. In his words he said, "I think they either want fame or her campaign did it. And I think it's her campaign".

Clinton's speech to women

When Hillary Clinton made a speech focusing on women she said that she will legalize abortion in the United States.

Trump reacted to the statement made by Hillary Clinton on legalizing abortion and said that Clinton is encouraging women to abort even at nine months which is not right as there is a law that a pregnancy cannot be aborted when it reaches 20 weeks.

Trump's lack of understanding during the event

There was a time earlier this year when Trump made a suggestion that any woman found trying to abort or commit abortion should be made to face some sort of punishment. This shows his lack of understanding and debate on women's issues and abortion. Later on during the debate, Clinton also made a statement saying that Trump thinks belittling women makes him bigger and superior. It was surprising that after the entire backlash made to Clinton by Trump, she remained cool and calm.

Donald Trump even went as far as calling Hillary Clinton a 'nasty woman'. He also went ahead to say that a vote for her is a vote for the status quo. Hillary Clinton also fumbled at one point when asked a question about Syria by giving the wrong answer and later saying that the Orlando killer was born in Queens, the same place Trump was born.A statement made by Trump during the debate led to his own downfall and got people talking.

He said that when he becomes the president there will be deportation of some people who are not US citizens. He said that there are some "bad hombres" in the US and he is going to get them out.

Who Is for policy and who is for circus?

Chris Wallace, one of the best moderators of the election so far took Clinton by surprise when he asked her about the Clinton Foundation.

It was also observed that Trump will win if the election is about policy and Clinton will win if it's about circus. Donald Trump had to admit that the third presidential debate ended up being his best debate. Clinton later lost her cool and called Trump a 'puppet'to which he retaliated and called her a puppet also.

Rejection of election result

Donald Trump may reject the election result if he does not win the presidential election. He also made claims that the US election is rigged against him. It is obvious that this election is going in favor of Hillary Clinton.

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