Holly Cahill, a star in her own right paying tribute to her father and police officers everywhere

Could this be the next undiscovered talent on reality shows like ‘The Voice'? Perhaps. The very talented 17-year-old Holly Cahill, a south Orange County, CA resident was so moved by her father, Anaheim Deputy Chief Dan Cahill’s struggle of surviving as a police officer and with the media reporting violence of police officers nationwide who are the targets of getting in the crossfire of their attackers; she wrote the touching original song,”You Still Put The Uniform On” at age 12 for her father, concerned about his safety coming home every night.

As a child, she never understood why so many people in various neighborhoods don’t appreciate what police officers do, and their jobs are to keep the communities they serve safe and secure.

Raising awareness of violence against law enforcement officers

The song is quickly gaining momentum with the law enforcement community and beyond. Holly performed the song at the National Day of Service and Remembrance Ceremony on September 11 hosted by the APD and Anaheim Fire & Rescue at the City National Grove in Anaheim in front of several hundred people including family members and police officers. The performance attracted national attention, and Cahill was the subject on ABC7 News who did a segment on her.

It’s a thought-provoking song but not depressing. It has a very country music vibe feel to it.

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Her hope is that the song will bring comfort to law enforcement and their families in the wake of chaos erupting with police officers.

Holly is booked for three performances on October 22 singing for the Patriot Service Dog Foundation, November 1 singing at a Harley Davidson rally; and on November 2 at the Trauma Prevention Program'sHeroes with Hearts” program. The song, “You Still Put The Uniform On" is featured on iTunes, including two more songs, “This Could Be Forever” and “Would You?” All the proceeds from the sales of her iTunes revenue goes directly to charity. It's not about the money, she wants to use her talent to help others.