Students don’t have to be afraid to walk around campus anymore

Walking around on campus at any college is a dangerous thing to do. However, it is something that many college students do on a daily and even nightly basis. They may be walking across campus to another building for a class, may be walking to another dorm for a friend’s party, or even walking back to their dorm from class or anywhere else. It can’t really be helped in most cases. Although many students seem to be walking alone a lot back and forth from dorm to dorm or class to class, they don’t have to all the time. Not only can they make sure they have someone to walk with, especially when it gets to be late at night, but they can also check out SURE Walk.

What is SURE Walk?

According to the Daily Texan Online, SURE Walk is a program that can provide students a safe way to walk around campus without being stalked. SURE Walk is a program that allows other UT students to walk with their fellow classmates to ensure they remain safe when walking to and from wherever they are going to or coming from. However, not only does this Utah College have this program to keep students safe from being stalked by anyone but there is also checkthem.com that allows a person to do a Background check on whoever they need to do one on to ensure that person is safe to be around. Checkthem.com will provide you with a report of who you are looking up so you can know they don’t have any history of violence in their life. With SURE Walk and Checkthem.com, college students or anyone else who may have a problem with a stalker can know they are safe to leave their college dorm or home with someone else.

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Exes are most likely the first stalkers after a relationship ends

The reason why you would need to do a background check on someone is because, maybe, for example, you want to date that person. What if it doesn’t work out for you two and you two end up breaking up after a while? According to the Utah Police Department, ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends are the first people to become stalkers. They may be upset that you ended your relationship and may decide to follow you wherever you go and become your stalker. Since you don’t want this to happen, checking their background on checkthem.com would be your best decision. Also, calling and finding more information about SURE Walk would be your best bet.