As the world's attention was largely turned to the circus of horrors that is the United States Presidential Election and it's second debate, a quiet and discrete action took place in a U.S. Court of Appeals Court which has tremendous implication for the landscape of global ecological justice. The standing rock sioux are currently embroiled in a dispute regarding an oil pipeline which is set to traverse within half a mile of their sovereign land.

Water is life

They and supporters from around the world have been rallying en mass earning the support of sitting U.S. President Barack Obama and the United Nations.

Despite tremendous support in opposition to the proposed pipeline which the Standing Rock Sioux and many leading environmentalists around the world denounce for the immense environmental damage it will pose to the tribal lands and future safety of it's community; quiet actions undertaken secretly while the world looks elsewhere threaten to support the multi-billion dollar deal over the rights and liberties of these proud indigenous peoples.

Around the world, issues of land use and environmental justice gained the support of the International Criminal Court which in recent weeks affirmed its decision to pursue environmental damage posed by corporations and governments as war crimes. Despite this positive development, the financial interests of transnational corporations continue to impose themselves on local communities the world over.

This is a time of immense need. The issues playing out involving the Standing Rock Sioux should be a major concern to all free communities the world over.

Though the Standing Rock Sioux have affirmed an interest to continue to try to elevate their appeal in rejection to a higher jurisdictional U.S. District Court, it is imperative that the tribe receive the support of the world to raise the critical awareness surrounding the immense environmental justice precedent unfolding.

The proposed1,168-mile long oil pipeline at the center of this debate is set to traverse within half a mile of the Standing Rock Sioux's ancestral lands; like many similar communities around the world, the Tribe rejects this development project for the danger it will pose to their children and future survival.

Some 17 Million people live in the area near the proposed pipeline. This is not some small area or a tiny community of need, though even if it were, the imperative would remain the same.

Water is Life, a sacred and profoundly essential element of human survival. It is criminal to force communities to be endangered as a result of efforts to strip the natural environment of resources in the name of profit. The world has reached a critical point where "Peak Demand" from oil reserves has been projected as soon as 2030, what this means is corporations are seeking plunder the world in the name of profit once again. An age old story retold and playing out once again. At this time, it is essential that the Standing Rock Sioux receive the full support of any with a voice loud enough to shout, scream or pray.

It's time for the world to support the Standing Rock Sioux

Unite rainbow warriors and defend the rights of these indigenous peoples. The global implications of trade agreements of this nature and the risk to the environment are immense. Nearly every week oil pipelines fail catastrophically somewhere in the United States. The risk to communities is immense, the profits steep and the hubris criminal. The time has come for the world to stand up with the Standing Rock Sioux. Contact your local, regional and federal officials and affirm your support for the tribe. Do not turn away, do not forget the imperative to defend the natural world. The time has come to unite in peace against the encroachment of the corporate behemoth and its steady destruction of the sanctity of our world!

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