The stridency of this election with the candidates accusing each other of treachery and one threatening to jail the other and calling each other names, “crooked,” “deplorable,” “base animals,” the candidates themselves and the American people should realize is heading the U.S. in the direction of a new Civil War. It won’t be like the old Civil War with set-piece battles. Instead the new American Civil War the candidates themselves helped to instigate will be fought on two fronts. The first is obstructionism. The party that loses the White House on Nov. 8 will not cooperate with the party in leadership, but will work against it, thus no forward momentum will be possible.

Secondly, acts of domestic terrorism will increase based on political disagreement, presumably assassination attempts on politicians, burning and defacing party headquarters, and other acts. Here are six sure signs that American Democracy or Republic however you want to call it is in figurative cardiac arrest. The turmoil you can bet will not cease after Nov. 8.

Unproven conspiracies, social violence, and intolerance are to blame

Trump’s endlessly consistent accusations that the system is rigged against him and without ever providing proof and the potentially violent response of his followers last week at a rally should chill the heart of every citizen who values a two-party system (plus third-parties). The set-up is in place. If Trump loses, little doubt can be had that some of his more violent fans will seek some form of revenge----on the system.

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They will not listen to Mike Pence, who tried to tone down the wild rhetoric of his boss, maintaining that party adherents would respect the results of election day, whatever.

#Hillary Clinton must find a way to defuse the public notion that she is as Trump contends a “crook” by explaining primarily two issues, her email scandal, and the foundation she runs which have become flash points for the accusations and potentially violent unrest. There can be no doubt, for her to win election and to ignore these issues pretending as if they don’t exist is to court disaster. How she would demonstrate innocence that is irrefutable or make amends is an open question. The best way is to lay your cards on the table and let the public decide.

America has more guns and more domestic up until now non-political violence than any other country in the world. It’s a short step across a line to political violence. We’ve already seen the results of the Timothy McVeigh bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

That was in 1995. Anyone in their right mind would agree the political climate with its threats and insults from the candidates today is more highly charged than 1995 ever was.

The American of today is different than in the past

The average American has not the courage or restraint of his parents, who were children of the Great Depression and World War II. The average American of today has never known great adversity and was raised on a diet of instant gratification and material and economic comfort unknown (except among the very rich) 100 years ago. As a result, the average American is more cowardly, more apt to whine and complain, to jump to unproven conclusions, like a spoiled child would.

American television has encouraged mindless violence and its parodying of political figures for fun ("Saturday Night Live") has resulted in less respect for government. This translates into anger, some justified, much of it fabricated. Charges of “liberal media bias” aside, television fueled American hatred, intolerance and desire for revenge.

All good things have to end sometime

The average American who complains about the system takes no responsibility for it. Our government is what we ourselves are. And finally. All great things have to end sometime (faith in and grudging respect for the elective process). #Donald Trump #2016 Presidential Debates