War used to signify opponents, fairly equally matched, who could not reach an agreement and decided to fight it out. There was often death as a result of the military engagement, but even so, things were conducted with some sense of valor and dignity. In contrast, the total lack of any kind of regulation is what makes the current atrocities going on in Mosul so hard to stomach. People in countries as nearby as Turkey, or as far away as America, are appalled at the scare tactics ISIS continues to use.

By any means necessary

Troops from Iraq are having a hard time reclaiming Mosul back from ISIS. One of the reasons is that ISIS does not play by the same rules that govern most military confrontations.

They have a win at all costs mentality that allows them to employ backyard bully scare tactics instead of respected soldierly protocol. They are often outnumbered, but they use the element of surprise to overtake their enemies. They also attack places like sporting events, schools, and markets, that most civilized armies stay away from in order to avoid an excess of human collateral damage.

The saying goes that there is nothing more dangerous than an animal that has been backed into a corner. The survival instinct kicks in and blocks out all other rational thought. In this instance, the same thing is happening to ISIS. As more forces around the globe band together to rid the world of these terror-mongers, ISIS members are finding themselves backed into an ever-decreasing corner of Mosul and they are lashing out with the most heart-wrenching cruelties that the world has seen in a long time.

It's getting worse by the day

Witnesses from Iraq report an increase in the number of suicide bombers. One of the reasons it's so hard to defeat an enemy like ISIS is that most people in the armed forces want to do their job, protect their country, and at the end of the day, go home to be with their family.

Somehow groups like ISIS have brainwashed their followers into being willing, even honored, to wear bombs strapped to their bodies as they calmly walk into the target area knowing that they are going to be the sacrificial offerings to shoot through the sky like human July 4th firecrackers on steroids.

The best that can be hoped is that the Iraqis fighting against ISIS do not get battle weary from going up against an enemy that doesn't fight fair. ISIS members a few days ago executed hundreds civilians in Mosul, including women and children, that they suspected may have supported the Iraqi army's fight against ISIS. The faint glimmer that the world must hold onto is that as the monstrosities get worse, that may be a sign that ISIS is reaching deep for its last breaths of air before it rolls up and dies.

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