Donald Trump and #Hillary Clinton took stabs at each other battling it out at the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis MO. in the wake of both of their scandals. Trump's was his newest 'hot mic' vulgar language scandal involving his lewd comments that he was pursuing a married woman and using his celebrity status so that he could easily get away with groping women. This was made public on a 2005 video featuring actress Arrianne Zucker of the soap opera, 'Days of Our Lives'  who was disrespected on Access Hollywood hosted by Billy Bush suspended indefinitely from the Today Show at the time. Bush was indefinitely suspended from his job for engaging in the obnoxious banter with Trump. 

Republicans refuse to endorse Trump and are calling for him to drop out of the race.

Trump insists that he refuses to drop out and that it was nothing but 'locker room' chat and apologized to the American people and admits that he is not a 'woman abuser.'  He states that the video doesn't represent who he is, unlike Hillary's husband Bill Clinton who Trump claims is a rapist and Clinton with her deleted email scandal. Hillary fired back and said that video represents exactly who #Donald Trump really is! 

The gloves come off at the second presidential debate

Honestly, neither candidate is fit to be president. The whole election is fake and a charade and the United States has not been a republic for a long time. The president is 'selected' not 'elected!' and the elitists are laughing their asses off at the sheeple!

Fireworks flew as the two presidential candidates refused to shake hands at the beginning of the second presidential debate

Donald Trump fired back at Hillary stating that if he were president he would hire a special prosecutor she would be in jail.

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He also said that Hillary has 'bad judgement' when it comes to foreign policy and the war in Iraq. He wants to protect America's borders from foreign refugees and potential terrorists, while Hillary wants to admit them into this country.  Trump says Hillary is a pathological liar and said that he has a better plan and will repeal Obama Care while Hillary said that Donald did not reveal his tax returns and cheated the IRS. He wants to lower taxes she wants to raise taxes, creating a disaster for this country. They discussed tax write-offs and that Trump evaded taxes for 18 years.

So who won the second presidential debate? Nobody! It's all a joke! Don't vote in November! #secondpresidentialdebate #Hillary Clinton