Republicans have found themselves in a bind. Donald Trump, as a result of racy tapes, and a long line of saying and doing stupid things too numerous to list in a 4000 character limit (not to mention two debates where he didn't articulate a policy position), is immensely unpopular. Many want him to resign. However, he can't.

Republicans chance to get him off the ballot passed

The only way for Republicans to get Trump off the ballot was to revise Rule 9 of their Committee Rules. Rule 9 pertains to filling a vacancy in the event of a candidate's death or resignation. There is nothing in there that would allow for removing a candidate for woefully underperforming with much of the electorate.

They would have to change the rules. This would require a long voting process. There is little chance it would work because it require two-thirds of the party to agree. Even if they did have a chance, there's no more time.

The fact is, absentee ballots have already been printed and voter registration is almost doneTrump is already on the ballots and many Republicans who vote absentee have already voted. Trump could have resigned if he wanted to before the resignation date passed. However, he didn't and if he wanted to resign, and he doesn't, he legally can't.

Let's say Republicans could get Trump to resign

Let's say, by some miracle, that Republicans could do some legal wrangling and get Trump off their ticket. What would happen? It is important to remember that his rise was the result of longstanding the Republican base's longstanding frustration with establishment Republicans supposed lack of conservatism, or rather ideological purity. 

If in some contrived scenario that Trump were to be forced off the ballot.

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there is a strong possibility that many of his supporters wouldn't vote for a new nominee as an act of revolt. While many party die-hards would vote to try and retain the Supreme Court advantage, others may just go into full rebellion mode and write him in or stay home entirely .

The fact is, the time for the Republicans to to put a stop to Trump's candidacy has long passed. No amount of random down-ballot party members suggesting that he should resign can persuade him and there's no way he could. They'll just have to hope they can maintain the Senate. #News #Election 2016 #Republican Party