Here we go folks. It's game-changing Debate Strike 3 night in America. Will a candidate whose leadership caliber is questioned by the media he questions as "rigging" . . . be called Out? Or will Trump take on the moderator Ump, chirp an extra-innings tweet-spree, tantrump-ize to "keep us in suspense," as he claims? Will enough be enough during America's other national pastime, (World Series playoffs), to eject himself from the game, banished "bigly" to the crybaby bench?

Debate score: Trump

In official presidential chiding, Donald J. Trump was urged by Barack Obama to quit his whining. It's very unpresidential. It lacks leadership.

It casts shadows on rocking a role model for American children. And it's not worth the crackerjacks to watch from the bleacher seats. Muddier than a rained out game is a wallow in the gutter. Discussing policy and agenda at a decisive debate is higher than microphone mutter. Mighty Casey knows where that at-bat's at. But did Mr Trump listen to decent coaching? Not a chance. He had cronies run a rag up the flagpole before the first pitch crossed the debate plate's fate. He issued a trumped up National Enquirer issue to take issue with Mrs Clinton. 

This contender did try to steal home at the third and final presidential debate game. He arrived, crisp red tied to her ensemble of white gleam. He stood erect. Through a challenger's narrowed eyes, held his podium smooth. But as fact-checkers hastened to keep up in their role as scorekeepers, Trump's first innings dwindled his own perceived lead.

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It became clear he was not suited up for class and distinction. In the Hans Christian Anderson tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes" a wannabe ruler pitches out, wearing no clothes. Naked truth prevails through the land. Transparent fabrications were seen by Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Undecideds and global viewers this evening. Responding to evidence of sexual assault tendencies with "Nobody respects women more than me!" stirred irony, leaving the audience in stitches. Post debate network politicos discussed how "bigly" expoundings falsely flying outta right field hurt Trump more than answering with substance policy queries before him. He swung and he missed. He muttered tomorrow's headlines into his mike in what NBC hailed a bizarre parting hiss: "Nasty woman." 

Debate score:  Hillary

How did Hillary play tonight's debate game? In a duck and weave, Clinton cringe from a wild pitch beaned straight at her head? No. Here's what happened instead:  Substance. Detailed plans. Concerns for families, education, economic life, business building, debt lessening, security raising, world alliance respect, humanitarian efforts.

An open call to all Americans' talents and awareness. Flinch? At grimaces and debunked accusations of what she claimed to be appalled at -- his dark, damaging, dangerous "horrifics"? She did not. You don't flinch when you're about to become President of the United States of America. 

How the game-changer played out 

The debate showed voters a decisive winner.  The field was left with only one player refusing to accept the score at the end of the innings. In the Michael Moore in TrumpLand movie, it is stated "Trump's entrance into the presidential race has highlighted the political divide in the country." Tonight showed the danger of the chasm of that divide. A divide that scoffs at Trump's own political party, his running mate, daughter and the democracy of the country where he put his cleats on to to run. In the final inning Trump called out a designated hitter, Bernie Sanders, as a smear upon Clinton's campaign. Hillary's dignified reply was to quote her supporter, the same Mr Sanders: "You are the most dangerous person to run for president in the history of this country."

Finish up your hotdogs and beer. It's been tough rounding bases this election year. Tonight's stadium of debate? Outcome was clear. When you can't play ball, you get sent back to the farm team.

You lose a chance at the dance.

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