The current election cycle has been marred by a level of vitriol and mudslinging previously unseen in a presidential campaign. The latest news for each candidate is that #Hillary Clinton's transcripts from speeches given to bank honchos has been released by WikiLeaks, while #Donald Trump must defend derogatory statements made about women from his past, also leaked.

These issues have proven to be embarrassing (or entertaining, depending on your perspective), but they've also proven to be a distraction from real debates and discussions about policy differences between the candidates. While the latest leaks will get some time during Sunday night's debate, the candidates should jump at the opportunity to turn the discussion towards real policy stances.

Here are some of the policy issues that should be addressed in tonight's debate:

Gun control

This is one of the candidates' biggest differences. While they each agree people on the "no-fly list" shouldn't have access to guns, they disagree on legislation surrounding the Second Amendment. Clinton is in favor of more gun control laws, while Trump is against it. He has already used the Second Amendment as a means to send a veiled threat to Clinton. Just last week, a child in South Carolina died several days after being shot in a school shooting.

Climate change

This is another big dividing point between Trump and Clinton. Clinton is in line with the science, believing humans are primarily responsible for climate change. Trump refutes the idea. Some claim that Hurricane Matthew may have worsened due to the effects of climate change, but the hurricane's dire projections failing to match the reality of the storm (at least in the United States) could bring challenges to the claim.

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Criminal justice

The past could of weeks haven't held as many publicized incidents of police violence, but that doesn't mean none occurred. While Clinton seems to be on board with the idea of systemic racism in American society, Trump hasn't committed on the issue.

You can watch tonight's debate on any major channel beginning at 9:00 PM ET. #2016 Presidential Debates