Sticks and stones will break bones, but words? They break hearts. The classic book, "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten," by insightful Robert Fulghum, conveys inner truths of children who grow into worthwhile humans . . . from village, state, country into a better world to be. Living truths in life are our own best rewards. Sadly, the kid-at-heart (in this reporter's family), wrote the following to a man running for President and feels our United States of America is not living kind truths or playing by rules kids are taught.

Rule; 'Clean up your own mess'

Dear Mr D.J. #trump ~

When you are mean and make fun of someone who has a health problem .

. . or touch some ladies in places our Mommies and Daddies say to never ever let anyone gropey-touch . . . or say that the color of skin must mean you live in only broken towns . . . or yelp out that neighbor country folks are ALL robbers and druggers and that #nasty, nasty word, rapists . . . or say that a person's religion makes them someone to fear . . . yikes! That's all like spilling milk on the floor, then crumbling chocolate chip cookies under your sneakers. Why that just ruins good stuff me and my brother Davey came home from school looking forward to. What an icky mess. My Mommy said you never clean messes up. My Daddy sat back in his chair, and shook his head kinda sad, said you just kept on going, talkin' about other stuff and cutting other folks off when they ask you about your messes still on floors.

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Now that doesn't seem right. Or fair. Or kind. Or like good stuff that a man running to be a Big Leader in our country should do. Does leaving messes seem OK to you?

(I did not use that word you use, 'bigly' because my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Reebel, said "That is not a word. Use proper English." I want good grades, to go to college, and to become a communicating citizen, so I am learning -- only use good language.)

Rule; 'When you hurt somebody you say you're sorry'

Dear Mr D.J. Trump ~

I saw when Mommy and Daddy were watching the news that you hurt a soldier's Mommy and Daddy who died defending our country. And then I was trying to read over Dad's shoulder, but he closed the computer on his Daily Beast article when he saw me. It was troubling. It was about you and another guy tying up a 13 year old girl, (the age of my very nice cousin), to a bed and arguing about who got to "get inside her" first. I'm not sure what that means. But it sounds like it hurts and is nasty. You called Mrs Clinton a "Nasty woman" when I watched what our teacher assigned for Civics homework -- the Debate for answers for our country.

I don't understand. If you do mean things to girls, and then call a lady running for president "Nasty", doesn't that make you nastier?

In Geography class we were studying Scotland and learned how your golf course bullied Michael Forbes and his 92 year old mother to take their land and ruin their water pipes so only sludge comes out of their faucets and they have to push a wheelbarrow to the creek for water. When you hurt people like that -- I wanta know how come you are not in the news showing you are sorry? Mr Forbes said, "90 percent of Scotland hates you". Won't it be bad for our USA if you keep letting #hate happen instead of being true and good?

When I accidenatally knocked over Davey's Lincoln Logs and he started to cry, I felt bad. I got down next to him and helped rebuild and let him do the green roof. I got him to laugh. But first thing I did, Mr D.J. Trump was say, "I'm sorry." Mom said a sorry only counts when you show you mean it. Why don't you show you're sorry when you hurt someone?

Rule; 'Play fair - take a nap every afternoon'

Dear Mr D.J. Trump ~

My neighbor down the street took his sign with your name out of his yard when you said if you lose you will be mean to the winner. At recess, we're supposed to not be sore losers. And that's just kickball. 

I hope you take a nap and fix stuff up.I think you need a Mommy very, very badly.

~ Kathy Kozel