The enormously complicated problems facing our next president will take careful and untiring efforts to find answers and that will take time. Because of their complexity it will be many months, if not years, before we see meaningful results in domestic security, international and national terrorism, a revitalized economy and on and on. There is one problem, however, that needs immediate attention and immediate solution. That is the problem of homelessness in America.  

There are more homeless in America than there are people in Atlanta.

According to the National Alliance to end Homelessness there are 576,000 people living on the streets of every city, town, village and state in America.

That means there is one hundred and twenty five thousand more homeless people than the entire population of Atlanta. New York City has 60,000! How is it even possible that America, our beautiful country and the site of ‘the great experiment’ in government, has such an assemblage of doomed citizens?

Can you imagine the sea of broken dreams that drowns so many of our fellows? Can you picture the terror a mother or father feels when they look into the eyes of their children and know that another night will fall and find them without food, shelter, clothing or laughter? These thousands and thousands of our neighbors trudge the path of rejection and failure every day of their lives. It is clear in the Constitution’s preamble that our government has the duty to provide for the general welfare of our citizens. I do not believe in “entitlement” as that term is used so often today.

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However the preamble would, entitle all Americans to shelter, food and a safe environment.

Curing this frightening problem will not be done overnight but it can be done if those at the top would fully commit to making a difference or die trying. What greater service could one do for those who have nothing? Is America the land of plenty and the beacon to the world’s oppressed or isn’t it? The answer is – maybe.

Until we, as a people, unite to shoulder this burden and resolve to correct it - now - we will be seen as hypocrites manipulating the world into false applause. With this open sore of unremitting despair evident in every corner of the nation what is being done at the top? The answer is nothing. According to the self-styled watchdog on government Judicial Watch nearly $80,000,000 has been paid by the taxpayer for the president and his family’s vacations since he took office. How can that be possible? Nonetheless, those startling numbers seem to be taken as the busy man’s due. Nonsense.

Most Americans are disturbed by the frequent vacations in our times of crisis by our commander in chief

We can admit that the president’s safety and health is of paramount concern. A president’s job is hugely stressful so getting away from it all is warranted. What is wrong with Camp David? Can’t the president take the family for a week to Ocean City? Why such extravagance? We realize that insisting the president act with care and concern for the budget is a pipe dream so what is a fair number to allot for expenses in arranging for vacations? Let’s be generous and say $20,000,000 to spend over the term of office would do. That amount is breathtaking itself but moving the president and the family even for an overnight is frightfully expensive. That would leave $60,000,000 on the table. For sixty million dollars we could invest a million dollars in every state of the union by building four $250,000 group homes in each state. Admittedly, that would be but a small step but it would be in the right direction. Any step in the long walk to eradicate homelessness is worth taking.  

Whoever is elected next month must immediately move to enact legislation that will provide a workable solution to permit every citizen to leave the dangerous and chilling streets, underpasses, heat grates and doorways of our cities and towns and to fall asleep under a roof, fed, safe and hopeful once more. #Obama #Golf #Congress