As the final and most important of the #2016 Presidential Debates nears, it appears that  #Donald Trump's "whining" has gotten on President Obama's nerves. When Obama took to the podium at a White House press conference he had a message for the GOP candidate. He "advised" Donald Trump to "quit whining" over the elections being rigged. The President sees nothing wrong with the nation's system of voting and he claims there's no way to rig an election.

Crackers and cheese with that 'whine'

Trump may remind you of something your grandmother used to say, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil." He has a habit of honing in on a subject and literally beating it to death, but that might not be such a bad strategy.

Today it looks as if the "rigged election" is one of Trump's squeaky wheels. The GOP candidate won't get doused in oil for his "rigged election" claims, but by giving the subject lots of air time, it sure does seem to keep it in the headlines! He started off on a squeaky wheel platform of building a wall and better yet, promising to have the Mexican Government pay for it, and that took off!

Call it whining, but it works!

This one statement about building a wall, which he said over and over again, built him a base of supporters that blossomed quickly into the millions. That wall building mantra drew the folks in and it's not as if this is a pipe dream. A wall is needed desperately and Trump has some feasible ideas on getting Mexico to fund his wall-building plans.

Trump's mantra does the trick   

Now his latest mantra, "the elections are rigged," seems to also be working because many people are taking notice of this problem.

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It is not an imaginary problem as President Obama and Hillary Clinton might like you to believe. As former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani reported on "Fox and Friends" recently, dead people are voting in the election and most of the dead will be casting their ballots for Hillary Clinton. Past elections have shown that the dead overwhelmingly vote the Democratic ticket!

The dead are voting for Hillary

The names of the deceased being used to vote is not a new problem, but it is one growing across the country. Giuliani's concern is that in cities where Trump and Hillary are running neck and neck, the use of the names of dead people on votes could sway the vote in Hillary's direction.

According to the Jezebel website, history has shown that dead people's votes have traditionally been cast for Democrats in political elections. The Democratic Party controls the voting places for the inner cities across the nation like Philadelphia and Chicago, and Giuliani sees a problem with this. He said there are no Republicans at these voting places to oversee the process.

What happens is that the names of deceased voters are just left on the list and their names are used over and over again by people who are paid to use their name and vote.

Voter fraud runs amok

Voter fraud is a real problem, reports Brian Mast, who is running for U.S. Congress. He spoke with Fox News live on Tuesday afternoon about the fraud going on in government on a daily basis. One of the latest smoke and mirror routines today is coming from the V.A. as they say they've changed 90% of the management in the VA Hospital. Come to find out it was the same managers they used, but they shuffled them around. 

Trump may "whine" but he's got a lot to whine about and since this is all happening under Obama's watch, this could be why he wants Trump to put a sock in it!  According to the BBC, Obama advised Trump to stop his whining about a rigged election, as the election isn't even here yet. He coincidentally picked the day before the final of the 2016 Presidential Debates to remind Trump of this!

Obama also said he'd never seen an attempt to discredit a poll, like Trump is trying to do, by any other candidate in history. Obama also said that Trump doesn't know what he is talking about and that in today's election process, there is no way it can be rigged... Really? #Rigged Elections