In the two weeks or so since Kim Kardashian was tied up and robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry at gunpoint in a Paris hotel room, a whole host of very dumb things have been said and written about it. Many, many people seem to have the belief that because Ms. Kardashian is wealthy or “vapid” or “annoying”- and/or because she has been in a sex tape and otherwise appeared nude, that she somehow “deserved” the ordeal of a robbery at knifepoint, or that the fact of such a robbery is funny or cheer-worthy.

I’ve also heard that it’s “Kim’s fault” for traveling with that much jewelry and so little security, or (even better) that this wouldn’t have happened if only she carried a gun.

But recent days have brought us something possibly worse: A series of “news stories” alleging that Kardashian, in fact, faked the robbery and that as a result of her TV show, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," has been canceled.

Neither of these is true; they’re both a result of the usual combination of fake news websites, Internet telephone, and writers and editors with little-to-no reading comprehension.

That’s not what “inside job” means

While there was much Internet speculation in the initial days that the Kardashian robbery, like Ryan Lochte’s, had been an elaborate lie, there was never anything solid suggesting this was the case.

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Kim Kardashian

But then "reports" starting surfacing alleging just that.

It started with a story on the unreliable website YourNewsWire, a site that should be familiar to anyone who reads Snopes. It featured the headline Kim Kardashian Confesses Paris Robbery ‘Staged’ – Show Cancelled,” although nothing in the article supports either end of the headline. It offers a bunch of fake-sounding quotes from an “assistant producer” that Kardashian confessed on camera that the robbery had been staged.

There’s no evidence to back any of this, and the author appears to have interpreted actual statements from E! that the show is on hiatus as reports of cancellation.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post ran a piece on its “contributor platform,” aggregating the YourNewsWire story, with the headline “The Alleged Stunt That Backfired And May End Kim Kardashians Media Manipulation Forever,” which reported in weird, stilted language that Kardashian is “singing like a kid who just got caught with 80 pounds of crack”; that post as of Sunday had been taken down.

There has also been misunderstandings about various reports that the robbery was an “inside job,” but “inside job” doesn’t mean she faked it- it means someone who knows or employs did it.

Not worth the temptation

I understand that the temptations are there, among those who dislike Kim Kardashian and her family, to believe that the robbery was faked, especially following the incident with Lochte (who also once starred in an E!

reality show.) But that doesn’t mean there’s any indication that the story is true. It’s irresponsible to write that it is.

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