As we gear up for what looks like an amazing premiere on October 23rd, fans were shocked to hear producer Greg Nicoteroslip the word "deaths" into an interview about the Season 7 premiere. Fans were speculating until Negan himself (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) told Den of Geekthat "Negan's not going to kill just one person in [the premiere] He's not afraid to bash in some skulls."

So of the eleven potential victims, who are most likely the ones that pay the ultimate price for Rick's decisions? Well the end of Season 6 shows us that Rick and Carlare safe.

Negan says "If anyone moves cut out the boys other eye and feed it to his dad." Rick and Carl are safe.

Who's safe from Lucille?

Daryl is far too popular a character and far too profitable on the merchandising end of the show to sacrifice. He is probably the most hatedby Negan's men and a strong threat to them. But money trumps it all and no matter how long the show runs Daryl Dixon winged Hoodies will be available for sale. Daryl is safe

Michonne is another character we have grown to love. From her first appearance as a hooded mystery to her rise as friend, mother figure, to love interest.

Few Characters have the personality arc she does plus killing off Rick's third girl in a row is a little too redundant for a show that prides itself on originality. Michonne is safe.

Eugene, Rosita and Aaron are all great characters but none of them draw the attention or emotion that warrants a wait this long. Eugene is far too useful for Negan and he has a lot more development to go. Rosita was just tossed aside for another woman and never really stood out as a character.

Aaron served his purpose when he dropped them off at Alexandria. Not enough of an emotional connection has been established with the fans for any of them to be a season ending cliffhanger. Kill them off if you want but I think all three are safe.

Maggie is in rough shape but Maggie is pregnant and no matter how savage the show has become, killing a pregnant mother in front of her husband on prime time is just not going to happen.

She is the last of the Farm group and has taken over the reigns as the representative of the Survivors.Not to mention that if they do kill Glenn off she has to live on to raise Glenn Jr. Maggie has to be safe.

Who's getting Louisville Slugger Tattoo's?

Abraham and Sasha. The next great love story of the show. Not. Fan polls all over the internet have Abraham leading by double digits when asked who Negan kills. Michael Cudlitz has not been seen filming on site this season. Sasha on the other hand could be interesting to see once the third man she loves bites the dust. It would be cool to see Psycho Sasha in all out war avenging Tyreese, Bob and Abraham.

Sasha is probably safe but Abraham is gone.

Now the most gut-wrenching of the losses. Let me just say I know that a large portion of the show's female fan base love Glenn and I think a lot of them including my wife will stop watching once Glenn dies. But I think it's time. He has not been seen filming the new season. I think the dumpster dive death was just priming us for the inevitable. He came back, he always comes back. But this time I think he's the catalyst that pushes Rick and the Survivors over the edge. I hate to say it but I think Glenn is gone.

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