The smallest Creature mixes together some of the sounds of Muse, Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, and U2 to create their distinctive brand of #Music. This band is based in Cyprus, composed of three members. Stefanos Marnerides, Iacovos Stylianides, and Stephanos Nicolaou all bring amazing talent to one of their latest singles titled "Reboot". "Reboot" possesses the vibrant energy of alternative rock, as well as their other songs: "Copenhagen," "Spring," and "Enchanting". It was released on July 30th.

The smallest Creature is actually the brainchild of Stefanos Marnerides, which was used as an alias name around 2007. Stefanos spent a lot of time in New York to compose and perform music during this year.

The one-man show turned into a musical trio after ending his relationship with Fishbone Records about four years later (which began in 2011). The trio played at several live shows while developing a set of innovative songs for an upcoming album.

Let's dig into the composition of one of them.

Vocal Display

Stefanos is the only singer on the song "Reboot". If I had only three words to describe his voice, they would be clear, melodious, and strong. I can understand the words he sings because he articulates them carefully. And I always appreciate being able to know what's said in a song to realize its essence.

His voice is rhythmic and harmonious. For example, he excellently transitions between the verses and the chorus without his voice sounding inconsistent and stiff. On top of this, his voice commands attention with noteworthy vigor.

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Overall, these traits offer a beautiful mixture of captivating vocal abilities.


There's a heavy emphasis on guitar, drums, and bass in the song. Stefanos handles the guitar playing. Iacovos handles the drum playing. Lastly, Stephanos takes care of the bass playing. The song starts off with the airy sounds of acoustic guitar and rhythmic drums. They really accentuate the haunting vibes of Stefanos's mellow singing.

During the chorus, the sounds intensify as electric guitar enters along with the powerful display of drums and bass. The beautiful blend of mild and fierce instrumentals provides a balanced expression of musical sophistication.

Lyrical Essence

Stefanos wrote the song, which tells a story about forsaking rage and chaos for peace and freedom. It's about realizing inner strength. "Reboot" celebrates spiritual restoration and psychological rebirth. As I listen to the song, the lyrics give me a strong sense of accomplishing renewal after enduring a long, hard personal battle.

The battle could be about relationships, self-confidence, facing society, or a mixture of all those things. Whatever the case, it's emotionally empowering, and Stefanos does a great job putting to work his poetic abilities.

Final Thoughts

I give this song a 9 out of 10 rating. It's a well-developed alternative rock song. The smallest Creature should be proud of making this their debut song and moving forward with a full album. To get a taste of their intriguing art, watch the official #Music Video for "Reboot" below. You can find the lyrics to the song in the description section by watching it on YouTube. Let me know what you think!