With a dramatic presidential campaign, an increase in police brutality, protests, and multiple natural disasters, there is one thing that we can all safely agree on. This year has been horrid. It seems that everyone has been having a bad year. Memes about futuristic history classes excluding 2016 from their lesson plans have circulated the web. Others simply stated that they have given up on this year and will get their lives together in 2017. All joking aside, energy levels do appear to have been quite low for some time. Astrologists blame this negative energy on Mercury being in retrograde. Fear not! It seems that all will start to get better very soon.

What is the fuss about Mercury?

When a planet appears to be orbiting the Sun backwards, it is known as retrograde motion. This is just an illusion. Mercury's natural orbit did not actually change. It only appears that way. Astrologists traditionally associate this phenomena with negative energy, confusion, and frustration. They warn against making any big decisions in business, finance, romance, and basically any other aspect of our lives. So, what are we supposed to do during this time? Life simply does not stop. Well, it is suggested that we use this time to reflect on our lives. Whether one believes that the appearance of a planet can affect people's lives so severely or not, we must acknowledge that many people have felt that this year has not been a good one. Don't worry! This year will end in a trio of supermoons.

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Why is a Supermoon so important?

A #supermoon occurs when a Full Moon is at a closer point to the Earth. It appears 14% larger in diameter and shines up to 30% brighter. It is an awe-inspiring event that has captivated humans since the beginning of our existence. Entire cultures have been based around the events of the moon. It should come as no surprise that three supermoons in a row should equate to good luck and prosperity. The first of the trio is known as a Blood Moon or the Travel Moon. It will be visible tonight, October 16, 2016. If you miss it, do not fret. There will be another on November 14, 2016. This one will be the largest and brightest due to its proximity to Earth. It is called the Hunter's Moon and should be giving off lots of energy. Beach communities will certainly feel its affects as it will surely cause a much higher tide. The last of the trio will occur on December 14. This is known as the Full Long Nights Moon, and it is the last Full Moon of the year. The Winter Solstice follows shortly after on December 21, which marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. For those of us who believe in the influence of our moon, planets, and stars, this trio is a good omen. We can begin 2017 with a renewed sense of positivity and hope for a better year ahead. #mercuryinretrograde #astrology