Melania Trump came out firmly on Donald's side over allegations that he has supposedly inappropriately made sexual advances on women. In her first public interview since the flood of allegations that #Donald Trump groped and kissed various females over the years, she told CNN, "I didn't expect media would be so dishonest and so mean. I didn't expect that,"

Melania Trump doesn't buy the stories

Melania stands by Donald and claimed that #Hillary Clinton, her campaign team and the media are inventing lies to try and stop her husband from winning the presidential elections. She just does not buy the stories about his inappropriate sexual behavior.

Some of her reasons for not believing the media seem to come out of her own experience with reporters and she specifically pointed out an incident when a reporter wrote something that never happened. In this incident, she said that journalist Natasha Stoynoff, the reporter for People Magazine who alleges Trump made an unwanted advance on her, made up the bit about Melania. Explaining, Melania said to CNN that Natasha wrote that she "saw me on 5th Avenue, and I said to her, 'Natasha, how come we don't see you anymore?' I was never friends with her, I would not recognize her."

A lack of fact-checking by media

The BBC News also ran the story and noted that Melania felt the whole scandal has been organized. It did not all just happened spontaneously, and like many other people, she feels the media have climbed on a story for the sake of a story without checking facts.

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She said that the whole thing has been "organized and put together to hurt his candidacy" by Hillary Clinton's campaign team and the media. "With the details [the media] have got, did they ever check the backgrounds of these women? They didn't have any facts," she added.

Accusations without evidence

"Accusing without evidence is damaging and unfair," she said. This might be the truest statement to come out of the whole presidential run-ups, but she should not be so amazed that the media and the opposition have the knives out, as it is well known the mainstream media use their influence to get what they want, regardless of the truth.

Watercooler and playground mentality

Clinton of course, will find anything at all that she can lay her hands on to get into her position of power. Whatever it takes - character assassination, scandal, lies - they are all just tools in her campaign box to win at any cost. To outsiders, it seems the American people will get the president they deserve and if the American public is so silly as to be swayed by "playground" and "office water-cooler" gossip allegations - they deserve to have a leader who will surely allow floods of immigrants, more Islam culture in schools, a loss of national identity and dodgy deals with terror-backing governments. #Election 2016