Throughout his adult life, Donald Trump has left a trail of controversy hard to ignore. Yet, it seems to take an audio capturing him making derogatory remarks about women to perk the near-deaf ears of Republican leaders. Is it because Trump has a deficit of a much-needed white college educated women votes? The leaders criticize, yet there is not much rescinding. Trump’s comments regarding the Khans, birtherism, mocking a disabled reporter, John McCain’s POW status, Mexicans, etc., etc., eventually will prove to be a not so good legacy to associate with.

Trump has a telling history with women, which is also evident in Clinton campaign ads. But hearing such vulgar words coming out of his mouth on a hot mic with then ‘Access Hollywood’ host, Billy Bush is striking.

Billy Bush happens to be the first cousin of former President George W. Bush and the nephew of former president George H.W. Bush. The 44-year-old radio and television host joined NBC’s ‘Today’ show over the summer as a co-anchor, replacing Willie Geist. The transition was not smooth. Bush got into a heated exchange with weatherman Al Roker over Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s lie about being robbed.

Since the video’s release, Billy Bush has issued an apology. In it, Bush expressed his embarrassment stating that while it was no excuse, the incident did happen 11 years ago. He added it was a time when he was younger, less mature and behaved foolishly. NBC has declined making a comment.

Nancy O’Dell: the woman behind the vulgarity

The woman lustily discussed in the now famous video is ‘Entertainment Tonight’s’ Nancy O’Dell.

Reportedly, after the television personality rebuffed Trump’s advances, the real estate mogul tried to have her fired as a Miss USA host. Allegedly, he did not like how the then five-months pregnant O’Dell looked. Trump’s bid to have the words, “you’re fired” uttered at O’Dell was unsuccessful.

The Trump apology tour

This latest character revealing video has prompted Trump to release one of his own apologizing for his “locker room banter.” However, many see it as disingenuous, especially since a good portion of his speech bee-lined to comparing his behavior to Bill Clinton’s with the promise to discuss that matter further.

In the video featuring Billy Bush, Trump eluded to being able to get with things because of celebrity status. Next prize for privileges: The White House.

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