I was having a conversation with my brother-in-law about the 2016 Presidential Debates.We talked about both candidates - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - as potential winners but I learned that Mohammad had already decided to vote for Trump. Fair enough. He gave me his financial and personal reasons and said that he spoke on behalf of many voters like him who have suffered under the Bush Administration. He argued that Obama won the elections because people wanted change and that everyone was sick of George W.

Bush taking America into war and its great economy down with it.

Good times

"Times were good before George Bush," said my brother-in-law. "I will vote for Trump. He is crazy but he will either take America's economy way down or bring it back up. He'll do one thing for sure." I said that I would vote for Trump just to see what he does once he actually becomes, which I don't doubt very much now, the President of the USA. I added that I would never vote based on if I like him or her but solely based on what's ultimately good for me and the country as a whole.

I think Hillary Clinton would do America good in the long run.

Trump is the new Obama

We're now back at the same crossroads where America wants change and has to choose between the two most unfavorable Presidential candidates in the history of US politics, apparently.If people were tired of the Bush Administration they're now sick of the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 Election wouldn't bring drastic changes (according to the Obama Administration theory).

So, according to the theory,Trump is the new Obama. Donald Trump should win the election on November 8 altogether (he seems to have won already).

If Hillary Clinton wins

If Hillary Clinton wins people think its the Obama Administration playing on repeat. George W. Bush took America to war in Iraq which totally changed the political scene of the Middle East. From this chaos was birthed the Islamic State.

This is something that could prove fatal to Clinton's downfall. Donald Trump keeps bringing up the topic of the Iraq war,along with the e-mail hacks, in order to win support from the general masses. I think if Trump won the election he would solely on this basis.

Trump bringing the economic change

Many feel that the US economy has gone downhill and that it has become extremely hard to survive doing two jobs even.

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People like Mohammad got dependent on the now failing Uber ride-sharing taxi scheme. Many people in the US, and around the world, took to driving Uber taxis on the side in order to make ends meet. Trump has touched a chord with the lower middle class people with his promise of bringing the US economy back, and to "make America great again."

Donald Trump could possibly change the US economy for the better given his successful business acumen, however, his lack of experience in the political arena as compared to his rival and Presidential candidateHillary Clinton could result in his political campaign's demise altogether.

Clinton bringing Homeland security

As far as America's Homeland securityis concerned Hillary Clinton, given her vast experience in politics and the American-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan under the Bush Administration, would be a better candidate as opposed to Donald Trump's business- minded agenda. Comparing the two CVs of the Presidential candidates Mrs. Clinton's weighs a lot heavier than that of Trump's. With Russia threatening with a Third World WarAmerica would do great and be secure if Hillary Clinton wins the general election. It's the lower middle class people who only think about their own financial gains that would vote for Trump and, however, others who see an international threat from left, right and center, a possible attack from Vladimir Putin's Russia and its allies would surely go for Hillary Clinton in the end.

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