The election campaign is in full swing and nearing the last lap. The main contestants are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton who are jousting together for the prize of sitting in the White House. Charges are flying thick and hard against each candidate in the hope that some of the charges will stick and stall the march of the opponent to the presidency.

Charges against Donald

One of the charges made repeatedly against Donald Trump is that he has not released his tax returns. There are dark insinuations that Donald has avoided paying taxes and some have opined that he has not paid any tax for almost 2 decades. They wish to show that Donald Trump is unfit to be the president of the USA as he has not followed the path of a diligent and conscientious citizen by paying his taxes.

Many have opined  some sinister motive behind Donald not releasing his tax returns.

It's worth examining whether the issue of tax returns is important enough to disqualify a man from entering the White House. Tax returns are important but not the last word in the mental makeup of a man. It must be understood that Donald may have avoided paying taxes and cooked up balance sheets accordingly, but is this not what all businessmen do? There may be an exception or two but the vast majority of businessmen avoid paying taxes. This per se cannot be considered grounds for thinking that a man who avoids paying taxes is unfit to be the president.

Tax returns and Donald

The fact is that a president is not to be a Gandhi. If he were to act and behave like Gandhi, he will very well sink the USA. The man who is president has to be shrewd and crafty and this episode shows that Donald is crafty.

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If he can manipulate his taxes successfully, there is every chance that he will know how to pull the US economy out of the woods. In any case in case Donald had infringed the law, then the IRS would have caught up with him a decade back. 

The issue

The fact is that this issue is being brought up by the opponents of Donald to dent his march as they have a sense of foreboding about the result. Donald may very well win and this is a disconcerting thought for Hillary and the anti-Trump brigade. The feeling is to stop this man somehow and they have willing partners in the 4th estate which have always criticized Donald.