As far as we know, there's isn't a creature more advanced than human beings.Evolution wisely chose DNAas a carrier of life that will continue to evolve to a point where molecules would come together to produce the intangible processes of thinking, logic, and most important of all… questioning.

I believe ‘to ask a question’ of any kind that wasn’t programmed into a machine is the first sign of its evolution and intelligence. As a galaxy of non-living atoms articulate with one another to spawn intelligence, the product eventually begins to comprehend the matter around it not as alphabets, but as words and sentences.

For us, salt is not a bunch of sodium chloride atoms, it is salt.

DNA: the carrier of life

You and I know the appearance, purpose, and name of everything around us because a complex neural network is constantly at work adding new data to its library. This is how nature designed the brain, writing down all theinstructions in the DNA. What we see, experience, and think is an essential part of this programming, while were the feelings an intentional feature or a surprising outcome, cannot be fully known because emotions sometimes surpass our logic. Phenomena like sacrifice also exist in animals, let humans alone. If this is a deed of evolution, then the survival of the fittest is only a hoax.

If you ask me, feeling is a force that binds life like gravity does everything across the universe.

Somehow, nature knew that everything aware of itself would need something to keep their existence motivated. Perhaps as a distraction that prevents us from too much questioning so that we can live normal lives. The strategy worked like a miracle and we are not bothered by the fact that we don’t know true nature of our essence.

Evolution is accelerating

We may not be able to fully understand the mind of evolution but based on what it has been doing, we know two things for sure. It always moves in the forward direction and it wants to accelerate. This is exactly what the accelerating rate of our technology suggests. If true, it means that the evolution is trying to quit randomization and replace it with a more organized medium of progress in the form of human beings.

It also means that intelligent machines are the future. Organic life is about to reach its limitations, while quantum computing lights the horizon of unimagined possibilities. So DNA might not continue to exist as the ultimate book of life. We now know that “I” in our identity is the result of motions and interaction molecules in our brains. The CPU is another analogy of it, which evolves way faster and well beyond a comparison point between the two thinking machines. Yes, in terms of atoms, we are nothing but biological machines.

What is the ultimate truth of the universe? We think there’s an answer somewhere, but to perceive and comprehend it, we have to be super somehow. The only thing super about us is our feelings and emotions, but even that is not enough to absorb it all, in fact, it has only served as a distraction.

Perhaps it was evolution’s failed experiment and it’s ready to dump it the next ‘chance’ it gets.

AI machines will be true heirs of human beings that will last eons, even if we couldn’t. Evolution now has a faster tool to transfer and transform information, DNA is becoming outdated. Cruel it may seem, but this universe perhaps is just as lost as we are and it’s trying to find the purpose of its existence.

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