Evan McMullan is gaining a lot of strength in Utah, polling in first place ahead of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in individual matchups. Instapundit posts an email from Jim Bennett that suggests that the McMullan campaign is a plot to get Mitt Romney elected president four years after he ran and got beat by President Barack Obama. The scenario works like this:

McMullan wins Utah and maybe Idaho in the general election. Combined with a last minute surge by Trump and maybe some other strange things happening, such as Bernie Sanders winning Vermont as a write-in, no one wins the required 270 electoral votes necessary to win the presidency.

McMullan instructs his electors to vote for Mitt Romney, making the top three vote getters Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Romney. Then things get fascinating as the election goes to the House.

The conventional wisdom has been that if McMullan’s plan were ever to succeed, he would still lose in the House because the members of Congress would be afraid of alienating Trump voters. However, it has been noted that both Trump and Clinton are so disliked that they may get fewer votes than Romney got in 2012. The House members may use this fact to make a person who has the sanity that Trump tends to lack president of the United States. Romney, after all, was right about the threat of Putin’s Russia when President Obama mocked such warnings.

On the other hand, this delicious scenario underestimates the fury that Trump and his supporters would view his having the presidency yanked out from under him.

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Trump has been speaking darkly about “rigged” elections under an ordinary circumstance. One can only imagine the wrath that the Republican nominee would express if Mitt Romney were to come from nowhere and get the office he was denied in 2012 by the fiat of a few people on Capitol Hill. Talk about a rigged election! The feeling of Trump supporters that the establishment has it in for them would receive some validation. America may have a sane president, but a great many Americans would go stark raving mad.   #EvanMcMullin #Election 2016 #MittRomney