Is Donald Trump an alien? Biologically, he might not but politically, he is. And here is an alien who is not only hurting himself or his age-old Republican Party, but the credibility of the world’s most admired democracy – the United States. It seems quite unbelievable that the political system of the US today is producing people like Trump, who, if he succeeds in reaching the top, can nuke that very system in no time.

It is one thing to be a voice against the rotten politics of the establishment which tends to lose connection with the people who it pledges to serve but it is completely another thing to buy people’s trust promising to be an anti-establishment symbol and then forgetting what the actual cause to serve is.

Trump, a businessman, did not carry out the responsibility he was supposed to. Just over a month before the general election, the man is happily damaging his own road to the White House as well as his party's future prospects.

Didn't US find a better leader?

It is quite difficult to believe that the US did not find a leader to fight a regime which had been facing anti-establishment challenges. There were enough issues that the New York tycoon could have capitalized on to defeat the Democrats but he chose to target ordinary individuals, besides of course everybody else in the political arena – be it people from the opponent’s camp or his own party!

For Hillary Clinton, life couldn’t have been easier prior to the biggest election of her life.

As everybody saw in the first presidential debate last week, an experienced Clinton used Trump's own weapons against him. The Alicia Machado move was such an effective one that it made an unstable Trump retaliate through Twitter in the wee hours:

If a petty 20-year-old controversy around a former Miss Universe or the doubt over the birth place of departing president Barack Obama becomes the core debate of an American presidential election, then there is no reason to look down upon ‘not-so-strong democracies’.

America is doing no better.

Trump looks strong to defeat Republicans

If Trump manages to defeat the Republicans in this prestigious battle and give the opponents their third consecutive term (this hasn’t happened for a long, long time), the former will be thrown into the dustbin of history in no time.

But his blunders will take a huge toll on the party. Lincoln might have already turned in his grave, but nobody would know how to turn the Republicans around if November 8 goes Hillary’s way. In fact, they face a serious dilemma now, whether Trump wins or loses.

It is because hardcore politicians like Hillary Clinton have lost the people’s trust that the demand for an alternative ‘non-political political’ option has gained ground. People are so fed up with career politicians playing with their fortunes that they want the apolitical or non-political to take charge.

But Americans are unfortunate that somebody like Trump emerged as that much-awaited alternative. He doesn’t know what is what; how to make changes and what lies ahead.

The only things he knows are a wall against Mexico, banning Muslims, “crooked” Hillary, etc. He lacks any substantial argument to corner Hillary apart from making the regular rants.

Trump's loose remarks will haunt him

Trump’s tirade against women is going to cost him dearly. It is unbelievable that he chose such a cheap strategy, particularly when there is a woman up for this election. The man has said so many odd things against women in general that a cunning Hillary could use this against him in future debates to make the blow a decisive one.

We know that Trump has a campaign team. Do they advise him? It seems nobody can really stop the self-obsessed businessman from going ahead anyway.

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