Illegal immigration is an issue that affects us all

This isn't my own personal story, but one I know well through a friend of the family. This is the story of a woman who came to the United States to escape her old life and start fresh in a new country. We'll call this woman Mary. Before I go into her story in the US, there is her story in her home country of Venezuela.

The life Mary lived in Venezuela was a life of luxury. Her husband was a Captain in the Navy, and an ambassador. She attended fancy parties and enjoyed fine dining. The marriage brought two lives into the world, a daughter and then a son. The children were well educated and also had any and all things they wanted.

Mary wanted for nothing, materially. The only thing that was lacking in her life was a faithful husband. Over the years, the infidelity became too much for Mary and she decided it was time to get away. She obtained a visa to visit the US and left her old life behind.

Illegal immigrants don't have it easy as many people think

Upon entering the United States, Mary discovers that things are not as easy as she was led to believe. Work wasn't plentiful and the work that was available wasn't glamorous nor did it pay well. This being the case, her first job was working at a fast food restaurant and her apartment was in a bad neighborhood with a shady roommate. This was definitely not the American life that Mary had imagined, but she had left her husband and closed the doors behind her. At one point the lack of income caused Mary to be forced into making and awful decision; whether to pay bills or eat.

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When these difficult times had come, her visa had expired and she could not apply for and qualify for government assistance, so this left her with no food to eat in her home. The hunger is so great that Mary is forced to literally pick through food scraps in the garbage at her job in order to have something to eat. All this time Mary is also battling a disease that nearly cripples her on some days.

Mary struggles like this for a while before she gets a second job at a warehouse. The second job may seem like a blessing, but it doesn't solve her problems. Mary needs to save money to bring her children to the US. She is also saving money to pay for her children to be married to US citizens in order for them to be able to legally stay. Mary struggles like this for a couple years. YEARS. Years of eating garbage. Years of struggle. The struggle wasn't for nothing.

Hard work and persistence can pay off, even for the illegal immigrant

Eventually she saves enough money to have a better home and bring her children here to live with her.

Her children become citizens. She does lose her job due to not being a legal resident, but at this point her daughter can now take care of her and she doesn't have to worry about having to go to work and suffer with her physical pain.

Is illegal immigration a problem? Yes. Should something be done? Certainly. But when we discuss the problem, let us not forget that these are people. Real people. Real people with lives, emotions, families, and worries that we all share. This problem has a face and in dealing with the problem we must not lose our humanity. #illegalimigration #undocumentedimmigrant #Immigration