With exactly three weeks left in the presidential election and less than 24 hours until the third and final debate, Donald Trump is in trouble. Almost seven points behind according to Real Clear Politics, Trump has tremendous ground to gain in the final stretch of this troubling race. However, there is hope on the horizon in the form of the third and final debate Wednesday night in Las Vegas and in the form of the continually leaked emails from WikiLeaks

The Debate

For Trump to succeed, he needs to do what he hasn't been doing all election year, practice and prepare. Instead of going off the cuff and spewing whatever his mind seems to offer, he needs to sit with his advisers and come up with a game plan for Wednesday night's debate.

That game plan needs to involve at least these three things:

1) Attacking Hilary's campaign managers emails being released.

2) Attacking the trustworthiness of Hilary.

3) Doubling down on his ability to build the economy

With Podesta's emails being released at an alarming rate, there is more than enough information for Trump to grab onto and to tear into the structure and mentality of the Clinton campaign. Furthermore, Trump can use the emails and Clinton's already bad reputation to attack her overall image of being a career politician and a corrupt one at that.

However, the real key to Trump's success in the third debate is to drive home the fact that he is a businessman and that he can hit a home run for the U.S. economy. People love to hear about stories and name calling, but the issues will win the race, and Trump's issue ticket is the economy.

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Trump needs to double down on lowering taxes, helping the middle class, lowering corporate tax and expanding infrastructure. Hearing those key points in tomorrow's debate will help people realize the real reason Trump is running, to help the average American succeed.

The Emails

Trump is getting some help though from the continuous release of emails from WikiLeaks. Those emails are bound to turn up some hot button issue like the issue of Trump's womanizing comments from 2005. Furthermore, there have already been topics brought up in those issues about Hilary's ties to Wall Street and "pay-to-play" operations that Trump can use to bring her down.

The more Trump utilizes his own strengths of building up the economy and bringing down Hilary's integrity, the better of a chance he has at securing the White House. So for Trump's last stand, he needs to stand and deliver his most powerful speech yet, and he needs to pray to God that something damaging comes out of those WikiLeak emails.