The one tragic aspect of Obamacare, both its ill-considered creation and its predictable collapse, is that it threatens to leave people who have chronic illnesses without any way to get the treatment they need. A Washington Examiner story relates the tale of Valerie Kincaid, a former school teacher who is about to lose her Obamacare plan thanks to the withdraw of its insurer from the Illinois exchange. The problem is that Kincaid has chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which has been kept under control by a team of oncologists at Northwest Memorial Hospital in Chicago. It is uncertain whether the stopgap measure that involves a Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO will allow Kincaid to still receive care from the medical team whom she had grown to trust with keeping her alive.

In other words, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor has become the most awful lie ever to come out of the mouth of President Barack #Obama.

A person who has a potentially fatal disease is under lots of stress to begin with. Add to that stress the horror of being left high and dry without the treatment one needs as the Affordable Care Act collapses, then one sees an example of unimaginable cruelty inflicted on tens of thousands of Americans all in the name of giving more people access to #Health care.

The people whose lives are being put at risk because of Obamacare are just some of the victims of government-run health care in America. The media is replete with stories of veterans who have died while waiting in line to get needed medical treatment at VA hospitals.

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One veteran, who couldn’t get in to get treatment for PTSD, shot himself in the hospital parking lot.

The demonstrable perils of government involvement in health care have not deterred its advocates in any way. President Barack Obama believes or at least pretends to, that a few tweaks are all that is necessary to fix his signature domestic policy legacy, which he compared to an exploding smartphone. Hillary Clinton is reviving the so-called “public option,” the camel’s nose in the tent to abolish all private health care and to impose a government-run system similar to those that exist in Canada and Great Britain, featuring health care rationing and death panels.

That anyone could believe that such a development would be right and proper is astonishing beyond words to express.