The allegations against #Donald Trump are off the charts. In a day and age where practically anyone with active grey matter knows that politicians are liars, the allegations against Trump pertain to issues much worse than just the credibility of his word. One of the more shocking allegations against Trump recently moved forward with a court date as it has been alleged that Trump raped a minor.

Samuel Osborne of The Independent wrote on October 11th: "A federal judge has ordered a status conference hearing after a woman filed a lawsuit claiming Donald Trump raped her when she was 13-years-old in 1994.

In the lawsuit a witness, identified by the pseudonym Tiffany Doe, alleges she saw Mr Trump and billionaire-paedophile Jeffrey Epstein repeatedly rape the plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe."

Trump innocent until proven guilty

I believe, in all cases, that allegations do not amount to evidence.

Therefore when it comes to allegations, even against people that you might not like, it's important to suspend judgement until the facts become clear. When dealing with rapes and serious crimes, that means that law enforcement have to do their jobs.

However, Trump's legal issues aside there is a different matter that may affect #Politics in North America. In the age of more-accessible information it is believed that aspiring politicians have to be squeaky clean in order to have a successful career. When you try to get power, you make enemies and those enemies will try to take you down in all ways. Having no weak point when it comes to your character and background is considered key.

Following everything that has been thrown at Trump, one effect might be that 'dirt' on politicians that once cost politicians or aspiring ones their reputations might not look all that bad in the future.

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In effect, the bar for what qualifies as dirt may be raised.

Crack-smoking, infidelity allegations will still be too much

One of the more infamous politicians of recent years in North America was the late Rob Ford. Back in 2013 it was alleged that he smoked crack with some shady characters. In light of what Donald Trump is facing an alleged crack smoker doesn't seem all that bad anymore, not against an alleged rapist.

I think that partaking in drugs, especially ones heavier than marijuana, will still be more than just frowned on in the future of North American politics. Furthermore, it wasn't just what Ford was alleged to have done, but who he was allegedly with that affected his public image. As much as crack smoking will push the bar too far I still think if Rob Ford was alive and American he'd have a better chance of winning the presidency then Trump following the allegations the casino owner has faced.

It may be sad commentary, but a lot of other politicians that faced allegations don't look all that bad now.

I include Bill Clinton in that category with the Monica Lewinsky scandal. If we take the allegations and compare them then allegations of infidelity with an adult intern aren't the same as allegations of raping a teenager.

A lot more 'disgraced' politicians/citizens are looking as though their transgressions were nothing but trifles now. I include Ala Buzreba in this group. In August of 2015, she stepped down in a Calgary riding in Canada ahead of the federal election. What brought her down? Only this: offensive tweets from when she was a teenager

The standard to date for politics has been that a squeaky-clean reputation is required. Your opponents may look at everything that they can get their hands on to trash your character. I still think Rob Ford and Bill Clinton-like allegations are going to prove very costly in the future. However, minor errors in judgement might not have the same impact on the public in the future after Hillary Clinton is done with Donald. The off-the-chart allegations from numerous sources could make the 'dirt' on not-perfect candidates look pretty ho-hum. #Hillary Clinton