#Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for the president and she is at the moment leading her rival Donald by at least 10 points. Donald has spoiled his copybook when a video which is 11-years-old selectively surfaced showing him making profane comments against women. This was the signal for the opponents of Donald to break ranks and rail against Donald as a man unfit to be president of the USA. Even his running mate Pence chipped in against him as well as the house speaker Paul Ryan.

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The disarray in the Republican ranks has given respite to Hillary Clinton and many are overlooking the fact that she herself is a liar and not the best example for American women.

Is she really the best person for the job of US President? What are her qualifications to be president? In what way is she better than Donald whose leaked video was really just a locker backroom talk, which all of us indulge in?

Hillary's husband Bill Clinton is accused of being a rapist and of having numerous affairs with other women. In short, he can be classified as a womanizer. It should not be forgotten that Bill under oath admitted to many affairs. Nearly a dozen women have accused Bill of improper conduct. In addition, he carried on affairs in the oval office. To top it Donald produced 3 women at the second presidential debate who had been raped and molested by Bill. The fact is Hillary all the time knew of the affairs of Bill and yet she chose to keep quiet and in a way acquiesced with his actions.

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Hillary and her actions

The actions of Hillary also raise doubts that a woman who condoned the philandering of her husband  can best stand for women in the USA. What message would she like to give? The present election campaign is not on any substantive issue but a case of personal rivalries and revenge. Many in the GOP have been unable to shake off the fact that Donald won the nomination and now they would not mind in case the party is rendered redundant, so long as Donald is defeated. So by default the support is for Hillary, but as the saying goes, man proposes and god disposes and so Donald may well spring a surprise. After all, Prof Lichtman has forecast his victory, so let's wait and see. #Donald Trump