The Great Recession was the worst recession in history and a lot of states like Arizona, for example, are still far shy of recovering all the lost jobs. The debt incurred by the Obama administration is the worst in history -- greater than all the prior administrations combined. If Obama wanted to restore freedom to Americans he should not have renewed the Patriot Act that made "Big Brother" and "1984" a reality. Obamacare has been part of the $20 trillion in debt and has cost Americans dearly for healthcare and is already failing across the country. Hillary and Obama have the same Socialistic attitude.

Clinton forecast

Hillary Clinton, if she were elected, would carry on the depression tactics employed by Obama.

American’s rights would be taken away, in fact, she’s made it clear she would make sure the Second Amendment and perhaps the first Amendment are abolished. The economy would continue to slide lower because of gross taxes in an attempt to pay for the runaway spending.

This being said; U.S. Code Title 18 Section 2071 that says: Concealment, removal or mutilation of information prohibits you from holding any office in the U.S. With that Hillary is literally not allowed to be President because of the 30,000 emails that she destroyed, the lies before Congress, and the events from Benghazi.

With Hillary, taxes will go up, terrorism will continue to spread, jobs will vanish, and special interest groups and Washington insiders will continue to thrive. The FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation for criminal activity because of the more than sufficient evidence of the “Pay for play” activity and conflict of interest for a government official.

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Americans concerned about jobs should be concerned because Hillary wants to bring in a lot of immigrants that will continue to take citizens jobs. 

Trump forecast

Donald #trump has had huge rallies across the country without the agitating protests that the NDP was creating. Meanwhile, Clinton's rallies have fielded hundreds of people compared to the many thousands for Trump. Donald Trump Jr. made a stop at ASU where the crowd chanted “Lock her up” over and over. In the debates, Trump promised to put Hillary in jail. Trump promises to cut taxes which will produce jobs and spark the economy. He's not a career politician embroiled in corruption. #Election 2016 #Democrats vs Republicans