Will another game of musical chairs occur if #Hillary Clinton somehow makes it into the White House? News today suggests that she will likely tag #Joe Biden as #Secretary of State, much like Obama tagged her. For this reason the job of Secretary of State is starting to look like a consolation prize. Hillary was appointed Secretary of State after losing the Democratic election to Obama, who went on to the White House. 

Musical chairs to the songs of inside promises?

Joe Biden would have made a more popular Democratic candidate than Hillary, but he wasn't in a good place personally to run at the beginning of this election, so he stepped aside.

This paved the way for Hillary. Biden had personal reasons not to run for the president, as he was mourning the loss of his son.

We've seen Biden on the campaign trail recently pulling for Hillary, so it appears he's personally in a better place today. It still looks awfully fishy that the Secretary of State position goes to the candidate left behind when it comes to the Democrats. Biden, the man who very well might have been president, may be the person to fill that position if Hillary gets to the Oval Office. According to Politico, Biden has already "been deployed" against Donald Trump and you have seen this with his verbal attacks on the GOP Candidate. Is this his due for a possible Secretary of State position? 

Is this position a consolation prize?

According to CNN News today Joe Biden is on Hillary's short list for Secretary of State, but this has not been officially announced by Hillary's camp.

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It is almost spooky to think that the players in the Obama Administration will just be scrambled and put in different positions if Hillary conquers the election.

Talk about jumping the gun!

Biden's name came up in Hillary's transition planning as her team orchestrates her move into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Is she jumping the gun? Hillary is already talking as if she is a shoe-in for the White House these days. Her confidence in herself did not escape Trump's campaign manager, KellyAnne Conway.  On "Fox and Friends" Friday morning Conway suggested that Hillary should put back those bottles of champagne as she is going about all of this a bit prematurely.

Glimpse into a Hillary administration?

Biden has not been a stranger on the campaign trail, as he has been campaigning for Hillary aggressively within the last few months. She has ordered her transition team not to talk about any of the plans in place until she wins the election. This just smells like inside promises to the same old players that have raised havoc with this nation's government for the past eight years.