Hillary Clinton claims she is so proud of being the first woman to come this far in politics, but she's not acting the part. For a woman who says she's basking in the glory of being the first woman to run for president, she is certainly doing her best to appear more like the men she's been running up against so far. The night of the presidential debate she did everything to appear as masculine as her opponent just short of doing her hair in a comb-over! 

Coming soon, a comb-over?                                

The majority of the women in the nation are going to be shorter than Donald Trump who towers over 6-feet.


Many members of the female population will also be slighter in stature than the GOP candidate, as he is first to admit that he needs to drop a few pounds. There should be a natural difference between Trump and Hillary when it comes to size, mostly because he is a man and she is a woman. But that apparently didn't fly with the Democratic candidate at the debate.

Hillary had to have a special podium built so she would appear closer to both Trump's size and height at the debate, according to The Federalist Paper. Hillary had this podium built after asking the CPD for permission to do so.

If the nation is close to putting the first woman in the White House you would think Hillary would embrace the fact that she is a woman instead of trying to disguise the fact.

Mode of attire

For those of you who are thrilled to see a woman so close to the top seat in the land, aren't you feeling at least a little bit slighted as she seems to be tweaking her appearance to be more like her opponent, who happens to be a man? The many solid color pants suits worn by Hillary have always been her answer to the suits controlling Washington. These are the closest things she could possibly wear without actually donning the traditional male apparel.



Sending the wrong message to young girls?

It is getting to the point that if she was able to grow facial hair, you'd expect her to sport a beard! Why not celebrate being a woman who is shorter and smaller in size than most men who run the country? Hillary is so quick to spew concerns over what young women will think about some of the things Donald Trump has said in the past. What about the young women seeing Hillary attempting to play down the fact that she is a woman?

Hillary should be celebrating her femininity instead of toughening it up!

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