When the going gets tough, Hillary Clinton brings up Toddlers with guns shooting people, or at least she did at the final 2016 Presidential Debate! This was an answer she offered in lieu of having anything of substance to offer when the gun control questions came around. Hillary didn't know quite where to put herself on the gun control scale and when Trump accused her of wanting to pull apart the Second Amendment.

Gang of toddlers

Trump was quick and accurate with his examples, but Hillary stumbled and then pulled out some idiotic sounding excuse. While no one wants any child to get a hold of a gun, she talked about toddlers shooting themselves and other people with guns.

The way she presented this was almost as if there were a gang of toddlers somewhere in this nation. It is probably safe to say that this was not one of her rehearsed responses!

Stumbles on Second Amendment

It was her presentation that was off, she did have some legitimate concerns as millions of other folks do about kids getting a hold of guns, but dismantling the Second Amendment isn't the way to go, as Trump pointed out. The Daily Caller calls Hillary's answer to the gun control questions a "nonsensical gun control tear" at last night's 2016 Presidential Debate.

Despite all she's said in the past about gun control, she desperately looked at Chris Wallace while saying when it comes to the Second Amendment, she is a "strong believer."  It was apparent she was not comfortable with the gun control questions and when it was brought up how angry she became after the District of Columbia V. Heller decision, this did her in!

Fact checking - no toddlers

Trump reminded Hillary how upset she was after the landmark decision on overturning a long-standing gun control law in D.C.

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was handed down. While Hillary said that this case was all about keeping toddlers away from guns, The Washington Post fact checking shows that just wasn't the case. This case was about overturning a law in Washington D.C. that basically banned gun ownership in the city. 

The justices did overturn the law, allowing for gun ownership in the District of Columbia. Hillary was stuck and her frustration around this question became evident as she stumbled on her words. Trump's answers on Second Amendment issues were flawless.