The second 2016 Presidential Debatehad many surprises, including channeling Abraham Lincoln and his political tactics. Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton are at a disadvantage today as the leftovers from a political era where the government used smoke and mirrors for the "good" of the American people.

This was made quite evident last night at the presidential debate with Hillary Clinton using Abraham Lincoln for an excuse. She used the name of the late president when attempting to offer up the reason that she made a comment on how she keeps both a public and private position at times.

She was asked by an audience member at the presidential debate last night if she really thought it was OK to be two-faced.

'Honest Abe' started off as endearing tale

This is when Hillary went into an endearing story of how she got that idea from what Abraham Lincoln did, which she found was a good leadership skill when watching the Steven Spielberg movie. Social media users offered up how this was almost embarrassing to watch. Hillary attempted to kick in with the smoke and mirrors strategy of yesteryear, but it was decades too late.

She had an audience of people thirsting for the truth and although Lincoln's name is synonymous with honesty, as Trump pointed out -- her name wasn't.

Abraham Lincoln to the rescue

According to Forbes Magazine, Twitter users had a field day with hysterical Abraham Lincoln tweets showing just how ludicrous this excuse was. This gave many the impression that Hillary doesn't give the American people credit for having an intellectual level comparable to hers!

Does she really believe people are that naive to fall for this? This is a question that one woman in the audience asked after the debate to the roving reporter in the crowd.

A different time in history

Bill and Hillary Clinton moved into the White House on the cusp of an unofficial transparency movement when Bill Clinton's womanizing antics surfaced.

Despite his extracurricular activities and the lies about them, it remained business as usual for the president and Hillary.

The Clintons grew up during an era when the president was held in the highest regard, right up there with the Catholic Pope. If there were any unfortunate incidents, there was a team of people to make it go away before even a whisper got out to the public. Those days are gone and while a team is still gathered around and some unfortunate fumbles are diverted from the eyes of the public, they seem to wiggle their way out eventually.

People won't take things at face value today!

The once naive public has been replaced by people who demand to be informed and with the dawning of the Internet age, there's not much anyone can do to stop this. Trump did talk to the American people on the same level at the presidential debate last night that he would talk to his family or friends. He is different than most politicians andyes,sometimes arrogant, but he doesn't appear to come to the campaign with a hidden agenda. His pockets are not lined with money from all these special interest groups that Hillary and Bill have made a good living off of with paid speeches alone.

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