Could Team Hillary Clinton have overplayed the rollout of the now infamous Donald Trump sex talk tape? Jazz Shaw over at Hot Air suggests that this may be possible. But much depends on how Trump plays it at the second presidential debate.

The theory goes that once the initial shock of actually hearing a presidential candidate boasting of his prowess with women in the lowest and vulgar terms wears off people will start asking themselves questions. Those include:

Why did NBC hold onto the tape for so long and not release it, say, a year ago when it would have throttled Trump’s candidacy in the cradle?

Does Hillary Clinton really find Trump’s behavior “horrific” or is she feigning outrage for political reasons? After all, she has put up and even enabled with much worst where Bill Clinton is concerned. She has done much worse, as the 12-year-old rape victim Kathy Shelton whose life she destroyed can attest to.

If Bill Clinton’s character didn’t matter in the 1990s, why does Donald Trump’s matter in 2016?

What does the filth coming out of Trump’s mouth have to do with the bad economy and the threat of terrorism?

Of course, Trump has to play things just right at the second presidential debate. Reports have it that the first question will be about the tape and it will go to Hillary Clinton. When Trump responses, he has to apologize as he has never apologized before. He has to be sincere. He has to promise that he is trying to be a better man and the president this country deserves.

He must not bring up Bill Clinton’s crimes against women or Hillary Clinton’s assaults on his and other victims (that is what paid advertising and surrogates, such as some of those same victims, are for.)

The effect will be that Team Hillary and her allies in the media will seem like heels if they keep bringing the matter or anything similar up.

Trump should, taking a page from his running mate Mike Pence’s book, deflect any such questions and talk about the issues, including revelations about Hillary Clinton’s secret speeches to the Wall Street one percent.

Will Trump pull off a win if he manages this kind of political judo? Anything can happen. But truth to tell neither Trump nor Hillary deserves to be president based on their character.

Evan McMullin, the independent candidate, is certain a sound person of good character and attractive positions. But no one gives him a chance of winning. But there we are in this year of tribulation, 2016.

Finally, as a way to put things in some perspective, here is a woman who was brutalized by a famous politician who never got a public apology.

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