Geraldo Rivera is not getting enough attention today apparently as he has crawled out from under somewhere to dangle his very own carrot in the Trump lewd video debacle. Rivera's latest ploy to grab some of the limelight makes it look like he is just trying to get attention from the American public. The man who once hyped up the nation over a vault that had nothing but cob webs inside once it was opened, has had plenty of practice with embarrassment over his own flamboyant teaser trailers going nowhere!

Hey... look at me!

The roving reporter for Fox makes no secret over despising Donald Trump and now he has his hand on some tapes that will prove embarrassing to the GOP candidate.

Rivera boasted that he's interviewed Trump on many occasions and that he's been with the GOP candidate "many of times" before claiming he has the goods on Trump. But in true Rivera fashion, what he will do with those tapes, he hasn't said.

I got tapes!

Rivera claims that he and his brother have just started to go over these tapes and so far he has found recorded images of Trump saying things that will prove very embarrassing in today's climate. So should we surmise that Rivera is setting out to bestow his own embarrassing saga upon Trump? And for what reason? You are a day late and a dollar short Geraldo. Unless you have a video of Trump carving up the neighbor's pets or hitting on a centenarian comatose in a hospital bed, you don't have anything that will shock the masses.

I too can embarrass Trump... watch me!

Embarrassment is something Rivera is well in touch with. We have seen him brave the waves of a hurricane on air only to get knocked over and drenched in a wave. The nation wouldn't let him forget that Al Capone vault that he went on forever about decades ago. As the nation waited with baited breath around their TV sets, the grand opening showed only one thing - the very red face of Rivera staring into an empty vault.

Watch Rivera and all his hype as it turns into embarrassment in the Al Capone vault opening on the YouTube video below.

Misery loves company

Apparently misery loves company? With all the embarrassments that Geraldo has suffered in his lifetime, you would think he'd have some empathy for the next guy, but that's not the case here.

Geraldo is hyping up these tapes that will prove to be an embarrassment to Trump in the climate of today. Either he will continue to dangle this carrot to keep himself on camera or he will offer up what he does have. If the latter is the case then he will just give Trump's supporters one more incident to ignore. Does anyone ever want to say to Geraldo Rivera... grow up?

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