Donald Trump is a man about whom there's all types of opinions, but there are a number of things that most of the people are unaware of or do not look up to Trump in those ways. Firstly, we all need to give this man a little credit about how, from bankruptcy, he turned himself into a billionaire. Also from a real estate developer to a man of such great dominance in the United States. Other than being "caught and busted" for appearing in a number of of Playboy videos we should respect the fact that he's drastically changed for the better

Secondly, people are making memes of Trump, and they do not leave any opportunity to roast this man be it on Facebook or be it Twitter.

We must realize people would only create such videos/pictures if they were actually afraid of him coming into power. It hasn't been an easy ride for this man to the top of the pyramid and it's even harder to stay there, but people have faith in him that he will bring the United States the sense of Justice that they deserve. Now the important question:

Why should people vote for Donald Trump instead of Hilary Clinton?

A number of reasons as follows:

  • Its been proved before by him that his business skills are worth appreciating and that would definitely create more job scopes instead of offering empty lip services.
  • He does not give up. It is known to all of us that a few years back he got into a case against Scotland about a golf course in which this one man defeated the forces of an entire nation.
  • Every person has flaws and no one would disagree with the fact that this man is full of flaws. But whatever he says or does, is solely for the benefit of his nation. 
  •  Not forgetting the fact that Hilary Clinton is a candidate for the elections who was involved in not just one but a number of political scandals that not only include taking millions of dollars from foreign nations but also includes ideas such as rewarding the illegal immigrants with the citizenship of United States. 

Well all people have made a few mistakes in their lives and this shouldn't stop them from moving on with life.

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So give Trump a chance. #Election 2016 #Republican Party