Easy to spot lies

#Donald Trump has been the bull in the china shop figuratively who has managed to achieve five firsts never seen before in American political history in a presidential race. That he has done these shows that he considers himself to be above the process. He feels he is able to do whatever he pleases.

First, Trump is the first lying candidate who uniquely not only does not try to disguise his lies, but lies on matters so simple that the lie is easily spotted and disproved. For example, Trump said Hillary Clinton wants to take away the right to own a gun, to abolish, essentially abolish, the Second Amendment.

This despite the fact abolishing gun rights would take a constitutional amendment and a two-thirds majority of both houses in Congress.

That is virtually an impossibility. Usually in the past, when politicians lie, they tell a lie that is not so easy to disprove. Trump is perhaps the first candidate for president in living memory who tells a lie that is instantly recognizable as a lie and doesn’t seem to care.

Inter-party infighting

Trump is the first presidential candidate who went into open warfare with members of his own party. This is unprecedented. Never before has a candidate run for president where other members of his party condemned his statements during the campaign, and then withdrew their support. Never before has a candidate displayed such colossal contempt for his own party members.

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Trump called Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and John McCain disloyal and said they don’t know how to win, despite the fact both Ryan and McCain won their current offices. This inter-party bad blood feud has never happened before to this degree in an American presidential election.

Turning non-issues into issues

Never before has a candidate spent so much time arguing with his presidential opponent and others of both parties and members of the public about non-issues. These include the physical appearance of women, bragging about preying on women revealed on tape and denying it, or arguing with the parents of a soldier killed in Iraq in an attempt to verbally chastise Muslims over their religion. At least sixty percent of the campaign has been about issues other than the economy, global warming (Trump denies it), terrorism and foreign policy.

Unprecedented ugliness

Never before in American political history has a presidential candidate been accused of such things, being a racist, a sexist, a believer in misogyny, and either denied it, or admitted it was true but tried to justify it anyway.

Trump said his unseemly remarks about women was just locker room talk, and said in an interview it was okay to call his daughter a piece of ass. This campaign is unprecedented in its ugliness and obscenity.

Refusal to respect the election results

Trump would not answer during the last debate whether he would respect the results of the Nov. 8 election. This stunning revelation has the impact of potentially negating the vote of everyone who votes against Trump. Aware of the firestorm his lack of commitment made, Trump tried to do damage control on Oct. 20 and said he would respect the election---if he won. This has never happened before from a candidate ever---another negative first for Trump. #Republican Party #2016 Presidential Debates