The second presidential debate has come and gone and, if you are like millions of Americans, you already know the candidate's positions well enough to gloss over the substance and focus on the style. Policy and specifics aside, the second presidential debate taught us some interesting things, not only about the two candidates but about the moderators and audience members as well. Here's what I learned from the debate.

Hillary Clinton would make a terrible football coach

Considering how often she continued to speak after her time was up, it should be obvious that Clinton does not possess the clock management skills needed to be a successful NFL coach.

For instance, her two-minute offense would eat up most of a quarter.

Martha Raddatz would be a perfect fit for a 'Seinfeld' role as the wife of the Soup Nazi

If you thought Martha was going to sit back and allow the candidates to take advantage of the debate rules, you were mistaken. "No more time for you! Next question!"

Anderson Cooper has chameleon DNA

Cooper had a few good moments, but he was largely a non-presence. Of the two moderators, I consider Cooper the better journalist. However, he seemed to blend into the background, much like a chameleon crawling over a banana leaf. Perhaps he was afraid of The Donald questioning his ties to the Clinton Foundation?

Gallup needs to get out of the debate game

Could the good folks at Gallup find any worse undecided voters to ask questions to the candidates? While many pundits will lament the lack of rhetorical acrobatics displayed by #trump and Clinton, to be fair it is kind of hard to come across like William F.

Top Videos of the Day

Buckley when you are presented with questions that sound as if they had been written by first graders.

It must really be awkward to be on that stage

Donald Trump looked as if he didn't know whether to sit or stand. While prepping for a debate, candidates are probably coached more on how to act when they are speaking and not nearly enough on what to do when it's your turn to listen. This led to some very awkward moments for Trump, who appeared to hover behind Clinton like a 19th century strangler on the foggy backstreets of London. All he needed was a chloroform-soaked rag. #Hillary Clinton #2016 Presidential Debates