Regardless of the outcome of what happens on Nov. 8 #Donald Trump will have made five major gaffs that prevented him from achieving what any how can I say it without being judgmental; let’s say any less harsh and threatening person would. This has been costly to him. Very costly indeed.

Being born Donald Trump

I won’t waste your time talking about the psychological role that shaped Trump’s idea of himself, for example his parents shipping him off to a military academy to get rid of him and a lack of love which created a void that can only be filled by aggression and imagined over-achievement. But he is who he is for a reason.

Trump doesn’t believe in Murphy’s Law and skeletons in closets

Trump must have known his indiscretions with women would surface during the election. If he didn’t know, or never thought about it, it shows a grave lack of perception. He should have had a plan in place beforehand to stifle such charges, perhaps buying off people to keep their silence.

Refusing to act presidential

Trump has no love in his life, possibly not even his current wife, but he doesn’t seem to have any friends either. People are in awe of him, or afraid of him, but where are the loyal friends? He ignores good advice from those brave enough to venture it. After Trump insulted his way into the Republican nomination he was urged to tone his act down, to soften, to act “presidential.” He refused. He attacked the parents of a soldier killed in Iraq, and went on tirades.

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This was perhaps his biggest single error. For a Republican candidate to win the White House he has got to draw votes from non-party (Conservative Democrats, Third Party) voters as Ronald Regan did with his oily charm. Instead, Trump carried on insulting, accusing, pointing fingers. This is costing him dearly.

Running a personality-driven campaign instead of an issues campaign

Getting Donald Trump to talk about issues and provide specifics on how he will solve problems (finance the Mexico Wall) is about as easy as getting a straight yes or no answer from him when you ask him something he wants to dodge. He has consistently focused his attention not on issues of importance to Americans (i.e. the economy, global warming, foreign policy, terrorism), but on calling people names, accusing people of treachery and dishonesty to include members of his own party, disparaging anyone who says anything he dislikes to the point you have to say about him, “He can dish it out but he can’t take it.”

Lacking a sense of humor

The sight of a snarling man pointing a finger after a while gets old.

People, particularly non-committed voters, eventually tire of it. They expect humor, charm, they want to be made to laugh, to feel at ease, like John F. Kennedy could do. Trump entertains people, but in the wrong way, never offering a moment of self-disparagement, or contrition, human foible, that might possibly endear him to us and mark him as a human being like the rest of us.

He hasn’t done it. Trump’s opponent has so many scandals and bad feeling from so many voters Trump should have been able to take advantage. He didn’t. #ElectoralVote #2016 Presidential Debates