Thanks to our girl Shonda, we've all laughed and cried...and cried and cried on Thursday nights at 8 pm due to her roller coaster ride of a TV show. With the start of every new season we wonder what could possibly happen next? But don't despair, ithasn't been for nothing -- here's a list of the top 5 lessonswe've learned about life from the doctors at Grey-Sloan Memorial.

5. Always embrace long, lost family you didn't know you had

Most of us aren't lucky enough to have two long lost sisters or a daughter we never knew but if you do, Shonda says, embrace it.

It could resultin an amazing close bond of lasting friendship...and later, in inevitable death. But hey, enjoy it while you can.

4. Find your person

Theyare essential to sanity; everyone needs one. How else are we expected to handle break-ups, hook-ups, plane crashes, kidnapping our own, almost- adopted child and of course the death of everyone we know?Be a Christina or be a Meredith -- just be someone'sperson and obviously, dance it out.

3. Take a chance on that guy

On the surface he's the bad boy who seems cold and closed up or the fantastic neurosurgeon with an ex-wife and an interestingly hand-to-avoid past.

Either way, he's worth the chance.Karev takes care of babies all day. Burke is an amazing chef. Derek has that smile. Avery is....Avery (enough said.) All of their downfalls are worth their sexy, sweet sides. Sidenote: Office romances are also OK because where else are you supposed to meet your soulmate?

2. After everything we've seen, we can now handle blood, guts and barfing homeless men

In the beginning we were like, "ew"...but now we can handle it without fainting, right?

1. Love lives forever and life moves on -- even after death

From Christina and Burke (and Christina and Owen), Avery and Kepner, Alex and Izzie, Mark and Lexie, Arizona and Callie -- and our most recent relationship RIP, the list goes on and from death to relocation, nothing can make us forget about those ties.

And of course, no one can deny the incredible bond between a girl in a bar and a guy in a bar.

From the beginning, they tugged at our heartstrings with their on again/off again romance. Who else could make it through other wives, government jobs, an almost intentionaldrowning, adoption and babies and many, many failed surgeries and lost friends. MerDer is the power-couple of the century; a relationship based on post-its and elevator conversations. They give the average doubting, anti-romantic hope for love. And even with Derek gone we can't help the tiny, butterfly feeling whenever someone steps into that elevator or knocks on Mer's door.

And now we've got new sisters, new babies and maybe even a new romance for Meredith?

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