"Snowden" is the biography of the whistleblower and former ##NSA Security Officer, #Edward Snowden directed by #Oliver Stone. The film also features Nicolas Cage as Snowden’s instructor Hank Forrester. It has received criticism from various sources stating that the film shouldn’t be made about a traitor that is still living. And usually no one likes to praise criminals who commit serious offenses like treason. In all honesty, #Edward Snowden is a hero for informing the American citizens that they are being spied on using the internet and their phone conversations are at risk of eavesdropping. He did take a serious risk, but he never regretted it.

He said that the American people deserve to know the truth and it shouldn’t be hidden in plain sight.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt shines as Edward Snowden

Actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is very suitable for the role. He is very convincing as Edward Snowden. The film also stars Shailene Woodley who plays Lindsey Mills, Snowden's girlfriend. They couldn’t have found a better actor to portray the real Snowden; who is still living in exile in Moscow. He is probably fearing for his life right now facing the crimes he committed for breaching national security. The American people should thank him for uncovering the truth. Otherwise, the truth would have remained hidden. The government thinks they can do whatever they want to control people. They create false flag operations, they invade the privacy of innocent Americans and it violates our constitutional rights.

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They prey on every American citizen in their eyes as a prospective terrorist and they threaten our civil liberties and our freedom. That is not the real America as we know it.

The real Edward Snowden we never knew

The film was very well produced and directed. It shows the stages that Snowden went through to serve his country in the army, to joining the CIA as a trainee, as an agent for the NSA, to sacrificing his personal life and leading up to events that are taking shape now. It showed his struggle with his health and coping with the stress of his professional life. A team of journalists and a documentary filmmaker interviewed Snowden to get his story out. Before the breach took place, nobody knew who Snowden was. He changed America.

Film rating: B #Oliver Stone