Recent news about a letter from the #FBI over #Hillary Clinton's #Email investigation made headlines this week, after FBI director James Comey sent a letter to Congress to say that a separate and unrelated investigation over Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal with a teenage girl, revealed that there might be a connection with Clinton's. This caused a quick reaction from the Clinton campaign against Comey for inciting controversy while the issue was still under investigation and without providing any details as to what those emails were or why they feel they have anything to do with the investigation. The Department of Justice also lashed out at Comey for acting alone

Vague letter about Hillary Clinton investigation

The FBI letter about the Hillary email investigation was a brief notification to the messengers of chairmen for various committees -- one of them Utah Republican Rep.

Jason Chaffetz of the Oversight Committee -- to update them on new information perhaps as a courtesy, after being aggressively questioned at a hearing in July where he confirmed there was no criminal intent on her part, or in any of the emails found. Normally, this conclusion would end the investigation and for the FBI it did, as their investigation was the most serious one to conduct. But the State Department reopened it which validated her critics' suspicions of hidden intent.  

Huma Abedin's non-association

The Washington Post reported that a source close to Huma Abedin -- Hillary Clinton's top aide, has told people that she doesn't know how her email ended up on her ex-husband's computer as she was not a regular user. When the device was turned over to the State Department, she did not expect her emails to be there and so her attorneys did not check.

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It further details the process Huma went through when she left the State Department with Hillary Clinton, turning over all devices and messages. Her ex-husband was former New York congressman Anthony Wiener, who has been caught multiple times sending questionable images and text messages to women online and on his phone as early as 2011. The recent investigation was spurred by an exclusive report via the Daily Mail in September. 

State Department questioned

Prior to this, Huma Abedin made a statement in August to say that she would be separating from the former congressman. Matt Lee -- a journalist for the Associated Press, asked State Department spokesman Mark Toner what they knew about these emails. Toner responded saying they had no details and had not been notified directly nor at all by the FBI, which suggests that Congress was the only body notified and would seem to confirm Hillary Clinton and the Department of Justices' reason to be concerned with Comey's letter -- unless it was just a courtesy.

Even if this were the case, it is very clear that through continuous effort by Republicans to criminalize Hillary Clinton with intent or with extreme carelessness to keep classified information classified, that this update or any other related to Hillary Clinton's email investigation with a little over a week before Election Day, would become a major story.  

Comey being the only source to provide the update, said in the letter that he did not know what was in those emails but that his agents felt that there was a connection. He then gave them the go ahead to add it to their investigation. Toner even said that he nor the State Department were aware if there were even emails that belonged to their department, further validating that no one but perhaps Comey and/or his agents knew the content. Jason Chaffetz, mentioned earlier, has already said publicly he has two-years worth of investigations on Hillary Clinton, promising that even if nothing comes out of the latest email investigation update, that Chaffetz and a Republican-led congress will continue to make sure they keep it on the table. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said the FBI letter to Hillary Clinton's email, "is bigger than watergate."