For an American voter with even a smidgeon of principles, #Election 2016 constitutes an impossible choice. Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, possesses every human flaw that can be imagined and, no doubt, ones hitherto unimaginable. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, is a criminal who has proven time and again that she will do anything to advance her power. In Game of Thrones terms, we are faced with a choice between Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister.

The two third party candidates are no better. Gary Johnson, the libertarian, is a mountain of colossal ignorance who once boasted that his lack of geography knowledge meant that he would not invade countries which he had never heard of.

He is also a pot head. Jill Stein is a flakey socialist who is addicted to civil disobedience and is an anti-vaxxer to boot.

So what is a voter to do?

Recently a gentleman named #Evan McMullin, running as an independent, tweeted that he will be on the ballot or registered as a write-in candidate in 43 states of the Union, including Texas and California. McMullin’s strategy is to get enough votes to throw the election into the House of Representatives where he hopes to persuade enough congressmen and women to vote for him over Trump or Clinton.

McMullin has held no elected office but has served as the House Republican Policy Director, a CIA operative, and as a businessman. A devout Mormon, he is a graduate of Brigham Young and the Wharton School.

His views on the issues are conventionally conservative, quite indistinguishable from Ronald Reagan’s.

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He is s social conservative, pro-life, pro-free market, pro-military, anti-terrorism politician. Some people will find things to nitpick about, but let’s face it, the alternatives are appalling beyond belief.

Can McMullin win? The odds are long, but with the most recent revelations about Trump and women and Clinton and Wall Street one-percenters, he is looking pretty good and is worth a second look. At the very least, a conservative who votes for him will not feel like taking a shower afterward.

Be sure to check to see if McMullin is on the ballot in your state or if he is a registered write-in candidate. Check the rules for write-ins in your state before going to the polls.