When having a successful marriage many things are needed, 11 that I can come up with easily. Having only been married for 27 years, I am quite sure there are more that I have not been introduced to yet. The #United States could be such a better place if these 11 things were part of society, and government also. Hopefully it would filter down to the states along with local governments as well.

Equality first

The first and most important would be Equality. My wife and I are equal partners with the understanding that what is right for one is right for the other, and we very seldom feel anger toward each other out of envy. When anger does appear we go to number two: Common Sense.

By turning to common sense we can access number three: Communication, along with number four: Diplomacy, talking through our issues we find a solution that we can both live with.

Number five: Admiration and number six: Faith go hand in hand. We admire each other for who we are in spite of our flaws while having faith in each other to work for number seven: Common Good. No matter what, my wife and I want the same things so we invoke number eight: our Budget to reach those goals. Long ago we realized number nine: Consequences, if we live outside our means.

Love in the end

Number ten: Tranquility, is possible when we exercise the first nine leading to number eleven: Love. Not every marriage is perfect but these 11 things can move us toward perfect, and as time goes on we continue to get better, stronger, happier, and more prosperous.

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Looking at my wife today as she went through the day inspired me to think about these things, she always inspires me.

Our country could be so much more if we engaged these 11 things with the same passion. The Constitution guarantees that we are all equal, but you could not tell it by looking around. Common sense assuredly could solve a lot of our country's problems. Communication and diplomacy could keep us headed in the right direction in the future.

Can we not stop fighting?

If we just stopped fighting long enough to admire what each of us has to offer, this country would be a better place for all. Focusing on our common good by budgeting while living within our means would lessen the consequences of our predecessors actions of the past. Tranquility could become a reality if we just started loving one another again.

Seems too simple to work, government using things that work in a good marriage, but it might. Where we are today is divided, in debt, and angry. Most of what is wrong was caused by others years ago, and we cannot change that, we can however stop and take a deep breath. Otherwise, like a bad marriage we will all be unhappy forever. #Happy marriage